OK, Who took my coffee mug!?

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Who was it? Fess up!

You can’t prove it was me! There weren’t any security cameras around!

Um, I assume. Because I wouldn’t know, as I wasn’t there.

Wasn't me, I have my own coffee mug.
It's an antique and was the coffee mug used by Irving Berlin as he was writing his hit song "What's The New Mary Jane?" in 1932, later covered most famously by The Beatles.

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Wasn't me - I drink coffee from a thermos which I keep in my Wacky Races lunch box.

Oversized? Wide base? Dark blue with gold lettering?

Not mine; I've used mine so much the letters wore off years ago. Smile

It's full of champagne. Can't be yours then.

Tea here, says something about giving a flock… at any rate, I doubt it matches the description.

See You In The Shadows…

My dog likes coffee. It was probably her.

That bitch. Wink