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I know I likely ask this every single year, but please please how do I get someone's user name to go a nice blue colour so they know I typed it ?
I tried the @Blahblah, but it didn't work Sad

Put the @Blahblah in square brackets, like this (without the spaces):

[ @blahblah ]

The brackets will disappear in the posted message, leaving you with a nice tagged name!

Every year it happens to me too @Amanda West oops @Amanda West! THank you [@Odilon Green] I mean @OdilonGreen

But let's remember that this highlighting doesn't work with Soundboard messages. The code of the site or something doesn't allow it.

My understanding is that the Soundboard doesn't allow tagging because when someone tags you on your own Soundboard, it creates a feedback loop that makes your account inaccessible. Indeed, that happened to me one year, and Eric had to manually delete the Soundboard tagging using his admin rights to restore my access.

Although this recursion exclusion wouldn't happen when someone else was tagged on your Soundboard, there was no quick way to recode the site to allow tagging of other people on your page but not allow tagging of you, so the whole of Soundboard tagging was shut down. Which strikes me as far better than having a perpetual risk of people's accounts crashing like mine did.

Thank you @OdilonGreen Smile

On the subject of responses. Is this site a little different? I see when people leave comments on my soundboard there's an option to reply. Does that mean when I write my reply comment like thanks for listening to the song that person will be notified that I've written to them? On the regular Feb FAWM site you have to go to the person's page to respond to their comments about your music.

@sunnymae, yes this one is a little different. You can also send private messages via someones Soundboard, and they are can respond to them privately too.

@sunnymae also, one can click within the right side navigation frame the [ "My Mentions" ] link to show the soundboard replies to you that you leave elsewhere.

Ahh..thank you!