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If you’re stuck or just want an extra randomness added to your lyric writing roll the cubes! I have multiple sets of Rory’s Story Cubes and tend to roll one from the “action” set and four from the others all combined. Then the task is to weave those images together into a lyric! Sometimes the rolls lead in an obvious direction, and other times it is more challenging to make things fit together. Of course, it’s OK to not blend and just do a verse with each image but it’s more fun to read the lyric and see the images fall into place as a complete story!

Many of you already have a set, or your kids do! There’s also a phone app that works well. Or…I’m willing to roll for you and save you the trouble! Tag me in your request so it pops up in my feed and bug me if you don’t see a response within a day. Tag it Storycube

Hi @darcistrutt,

I’m having some writers block this time around. Care to roll me them bones to get me started?

This has netted some good results for me in the past. Can I get a roll too? Maybe I should just buy my own set.

@stuartbenbow Your roll was a rocket ship, a face looking like he/she ate something gross, a hand, a crow, and the action was someone pushing a button - like a doorbell. Good luck!!

@katpiercemusic Your roll was an astronaut, a planet, a light bulb, a police outline of a body on the street, and your action was someone trying to guess what is in a gift wrapped box. Good luck! And yes...buying a set is a very fun idea... Smile

@darcistrutt I'd like to give it a go Smile

@nateger Your roll was a cell phone, jet, fire, bridge, and your action was someone falling. Have fun! Finally, I managed to turn that odd roll into a song. Thanks @darcistrutt

I made one! Thanks for the prompting to roll my dice @darcistrutt Smile