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If I look at my profile, I see:

Joined: 11 years ago
Progress: 0

Now, we all know it means progress *this year* right? Right?!?


Mine is even harsher; not only have I made no progress after 11 years but my profile photo shows an old man with glasses playing a ukulele! How did he get there?

You think that's bad? Somebody put a pig shitting on a toilet on mine. *sigh*

IA's picture

Speaking of toilets, they really should add that flush sound to when the site resets.

Well I feel pretty good about my progress.
As a taxidermied baby seal, it was hard enough for me to even figure out how to use a computer.

I look like I haven't changed in 32 years. Smile TOTALLY ACCURATE

It's actually incredibly kind. I'm certain I get worse every year.

I look at my bio and think, "no progress there either."

@Swampjaw: Your picture gives me uncomfortable mid-FAWM flashbacks.

@tcelliott, considering the other places a pig could be shitting, i think that's remarkably couth!

I had made progress in the weight department since the photo was taken, lo these n years ago, but half the progress has been lost, unless you count addiction to celery.

@Calum Carlyle Point well taken.

Hey @Fuzzy I can totally relate! BTW, who did yer taxidermy? My granny is gettin' really ripe so I'd like to get her done before too long!

Not only that, but if you translate this nick, it means 'blunder'... I suppose it's fitting, then!