Sunday Skirmish July 7th 3PM EST, 12PM PST 8PM GMT

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Someone's going to have to remind me of the numbering tag for Sunday Skirmish - is what I have correct?

Skirmish tag: #s070719a
Host: @corinne54
When:Sunday, July 7th 3PM EST, 12PM PST, 8PM GMT

Inspiration - Recent earthquakes in California:
THEME/PROMPT: (DON'T) ROCK MY WORLD - Modify as you like

TAGS: #s070719a skirmish, skirmish, songskirmish, feast
WHAT: We'll have a 1 hour song skirmish, and it will go something like this:
1) At the start of the event, I'll announce a title/prompt/theme/concept/ for your inspiration.
2) All participants write, record, and post a song within an hour. Lyrics-only posts – and instrumentals - are absolutely fine. And if you take longer than an hour, PLEASE post anyway.
3) Be sure and tag your song, and also post a link to it in this thread.
4) If you participate, please listen to (or read) and comment on the songs of all the other skirmish participants. Share the 50-90 love, folks. Wink
Fun and embarrassment may ensue, but, most importantly, everyone will have one more song, lyric, or instrumental under their belt!

Happy Writing!

Hi Corinne, looking forward to your skirmish but I'll have to join later due to my other commitments. Hope it's okay.
Have a nice Sunday.

Tag looks right to me. Thanks for keeping the tradition going.

Hope to join in for this one.

I am all ready and prepared! Raring to go...

The waiting is the hardest part. Wink

Inspiration- Recent earthquakes in California
Theme/Prompt - (Don't) Rock My World - Modify as you wish

So, new to this, do you post it as a tune on your profile and use the tag?

Yeah, just post the song on your profile and then share the url to this thread.

I'm a bit over time, but oh well!

Very over time by about half hour... and it is only half a song but I will finish it tomorrow. Most of the time over has been spent typing up lyrics, recording it and posting it to soundcloud!

Finally. Sorry to be so late.

Here's one:
I had my lyrics done early, so I opened up a song and kept it private til I was done. Apparently that put me much earlier in the Songs order than when I finished. Live and learn!

and here's mine! keep on rockin in a not so free world

Woke up saw this. Had an idea and here are lyrics, maybe music later. Thx Corinne.

I was away so had to join much later, spent under 1 hour. Thank you Corinne for the inspiration.

Here is my better late than never offering Smile written in about 40 mins

I got great feedback on the skirmish song lyric”Rock my World” So decided to do the music and a demo. The pressure of expectation got to me (well indecisiveness at least) my head said its a its faster anthem, my heart said more emotional slower song. I did both! Still cant decide so id be interested in any views! The slower version is attached to the original lyric and the upbeat version is called Rock my World again! Ive spent all day on this!!!!!!

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A couple of days late to this - pesky work - but here's my take. Will go listen to everyone else's now!