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Most of you know me. I'm a decent lyricist, and I can write melodies as well. Right now I'm going through a kind of existential crisis and need to write my way out of it if I can, but I need someone to collaborate with. What I need from you is a desire and an ability to release our collab. You know, "get it out there"... as I'm sick and tired of making songs that I only listen to myself. If you're that kind of gal/guy, then I'll do whatever you need from me. Lyrics, music.... heck, I'll even play one of the many instruments I own, but don't really know how to play. As long as you can sing or know someone who can, give me a holler! I've paid for DistroKid, so I'll make sure to release the song on all major platforms if we're both happy with it.

So.... if you have lyrics or melodies, vocal chops, beats.... whatever... then I might just be your guy, as long as you want to release the song.

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Hi Morten, you can release "drunk on the moon" with my music. Just tell me if you want some things rearranged or produced in another way.

i can do all music, i sing (thats what i call it) i ALWAYS release stuff. Not sure what sort of music and singig you are looking for but i love collaborating and im game if i can see in the lyrics.

You know I am down for this! (Lyrics)

I can sing. Not sure i can finish lyrics, but I'm working on that...

Okay. Advance warning. I'm running out of time so I'm intending a serious (ie not FT) CD labelled "Collaboratory Rat" or some such to get a whole bunch of collab songs "out there"; which I haven't released because I'm not the world's best singer and they need a better voice than the one used for the FT work. All of them have been on FAWM/5090. None of them will make money. I haven't started contacting all the lyricists (this is the first contact, if you like). So write.

I am keen on collaborating again with you Morten.

I’m always looking for collaborating but also write lyrics and some rough demos. Have put things out with other collaborators and made tens of dollars Smile

I'm happy to collab, but I'm a mere lyricist. Is this useful or dare I say it, inspiring ?