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Would anyone be interested in joining me in creating a song/ instrumental/ a collaboration for your chosen charity? Of so, please post your link to your song and tag it #CharitySong
Please let us know what charity you have chosen.
Thank you,

It's a great idea.

Thank you, yes I think we release it and pay to a charity. There are many to chose from. As there are so tragically many cases in UK of suicide my choice is Mind.

I will do something for sure. Probably leukemia foundation. I was actually thinking of getting a dozen People togethe, doing a whole album, one song each. I could do both of course.

Very cool idea @coolparadiso

Yes. I would be interested. I favor suicide prevention as well.

Thank you Mike.

I'm looking into it; may take a bit, to decide.

Hmmm, it may be more than I can take on this summer. I may watch a while and see how it all develops in this project; watch and learn Smile

I wrote my question on your wall in private mode. My music is not commercial either but I'm still trying to create something for a good course. It's totally a choice of each of us and was just my suggestion.

Hey @musicsongwriter - it's there; notta problem, you may have misunderstood.

It's truly hard for me to understand how that could be mistaken, which reads different from the private mode message question.

However, here, -- one can not delete the post, only zero them out, remove the content. Let me know if that would be helpful; I can leave it, or "blank" it, -- please let me know; that last thing I want, is for something intended as helpful to cause some kind of unforeseen confusion.

I hope your plans in this move ahead for you.

Thank you, I just wasn't sure what you meant but all is cool apart from me creating a piece for Mind but having a problem with Windows player the whole evening lol.

Thank you Mike for your lovely contribution.