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If demo/URL Link not working, then BandCamp direct:



There was allot of discussion, but no conclusions Smile in the few Rock-to-beer conversations. And, so...

So, my plan was to not do a one-off, ad-hoc single tracking, or as others may do.

As I said, when "done", so to speak, then put'em up. So, I am, and it is, -- this.

Also, important to understand, -- these, are not, my "favorite" artists, ones I like or even know beyond remembering hearing; or, one was a backing track on "Stargate Universe" (one of many I like hearing when re-watch that great series! Smile ) ... but, just background music.
-- So, I didn't know'em, have not been singing with them for 20 years, etc., again, don't know'em beyond just sitting down and marathoning them into this Smile

No, rather, I had them picked out and just, learned them in the moment, (in one case, you're hearing me learn while recording it Smile hahhh... I don't care..., like how " i " write my own stuff)... learned them, or more like found my key, and chorded them, then did a one-take, one-pass then uber-dubbed to cover over any "issues" so is now just one big sonorous issue Smile

So, there's 7, and like 25 min or so in total of your life you'll never get back again.

Why? Why this way? Etc.?

Well, as I said, (no one listens, do they Smile ), -- I was trying to relate to different from me, especially the "squishy girls, yarling into the mic all nervous like" Wink hahhh, circa some period of time, such BS Smile (I reviewed many more than I could or would do here..., -- so again, very helpful in my thesis! I just went down the list and stopped here, -- time and tired issues.)

So, yeah, -- helped. One artist, -- she obviously speaks other than English as native tongue and other languages to..., so I had a hard time wrapping my head around her idomatics, wording flow, rhymes. Simple song, but jammed me up like a not that obvious tongue twister. Weird! Uno! Wink (Breaking the box, breaking the box...)

Tso, derUgo... otherwise, feel free to just skip it Smile It ain't not BIAB. And again, happy 2021 to all!



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aw.... was going to do white flag, now ill have to do life for rent instead, as yu have nailed white flag. u don know any of the other songs, but they sound good..

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I'll get to the rest of these later, but I just had to hear your Mazzy Star Biggrin hahaha, and so glad I did, I thought surely that's a different Fade Into You than that one!!!??? Nope! hahah, really well done!!! I don't think I'd of ever even recognized it, really excellent!! slide sounds great Wink Actually going to be stuck in my head for a while I have the feeling hahaha Biggrin After Cyndi Lauper and Bjork I think she was my next musical crush hahah.

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Really nice mellow take on Soul Shine too, always loved that tune, but really dig it less rock balladie really nice acoustic/flute driven Sandman too! Still a few to get to Biggrin

@dzd Thank you!

So, you're gonna endure all seven?

Whatta guy!

Hahhh... -- yeah, "fade into you..." that's the one, I really really really didn't know and decided to just use the first, as learning take. (I think not to many chops/chunkings out for the "fishing" of chords and words). Then I was like -- oh man, how do I "hide" it all ("fix" it?), -- and still use this ("first pass, one take")... and so it grew with lapsteel and etc. (Of course, too, all first pass, one take wrote while recorded, no rehearsal as you can see Smile )

"What I learned" ? :
-- She must have really practiced, and does sing "like that", - but, every inflection at low volume, in all her tracks, * is essentially the same, each time she sings it... and it does seem to matter. I "got" from it too, to try to pay attention to vocal dynamics subtleties... it does matter (of course). But, when yarling into a mic, as low volume, not belting, trying to look adorable and confused and pretend there's no audience... it really matters or could possibly look/sound "pathetic" not "sexy", squishy, adorable, -- so to speak.

The Lyric, as speculated in what's this song about research, -- it sounds like (?) either a made up one-off jibberish lyric, or is DEEPLY personal as some speculated, it seems. We'll never know I guess.

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Yup I'll get to them all eventually Biggrin Just finished One of Us............don't know why I thought it was going to be the ABBA one before listening ahahah. This is really great too, excellent use of Wilhelm Wink that screeching guitar really adds some other level to that, I always felt the original was lacking. Another really excellent one!

Yeah I saw Mazzy Star a few times over the years, actually pretty great shows, always different, but always the same. I didn't even hear Roback died this year until maybe last month, so yeah........that's pretty sad.

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White Flag is one I had never heard before Biggrin stuck my head in the sand about the time everything got all plastic Biggrin I did listen to original, and enjoyed yours so much more even after hearing the original. That's a tough melody/rhythm combo to pull off when your band isn't programmed to beat and quantized Wink Bass/acoustic sounds amazing in that. That's an excellent vocal performance too!

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I'd been putting off listening to Simple Man......... I throw things at people that request me to do that or Freebird, just where I'm usually at in the country, I've swore to never learn either one of them hahah, one of those, "oh you play guitar?", yeah but ask me to play freebird and I'll slap you things hahaha, damn that acoustic sounds amazing! I really like the higher vocal pitch you went and the harmonies, I enjoyed this a lot more than I figured I would! so excellent job, made me enjoy a song(while nothing wrong with it) I've always hated hahaha, was soft and gentle, I never felt it needed to be angry unless it went full punk Biggrin

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Now comes the Night was very nice too! One of his I've always really loved. A really great squishy cover EP in all! downloading a copy for my mom, she'll especially love it!

@dzd I'm honored! Tell Mom, (if okay with Dad), sealed with a hug and a kiss... -- wife said it was okay Smile hahhh!

No one "got"?!? in "One of Us"... ~ my humor ~ Smile

-- the different languages in the beginning, (yeah the scream I thought was hysterical)... so the Foreign Languages came from "google translate"! the "reader Ai voices" (I know her well from the Matix) ..., in Mandarin, "WHY"! Smile hahhh to funny (if get my humor) and kind of a "Fire Fly" tribute!,
-- or in the beginning, as in english "name ..." etc.

-- My humor, it is what it is... Fool

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Enjoyed all of them, checked a bit of each original if i didnt know it well. One of us stood out for me! White flag was really different! Nice, sounded very well produced!

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Oh wow, seven songs in one serving. I like the rough character that you bring to it, especially the songs that were originally sung by female singers have gone through quite a transformation. Didn't know all of them, but these are really good songs.

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Really good version of "Fade into You" - I particularly like the slide/lap steel part.