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What sort of Chicago contingent do we have here? Checking in from Rogers Park (soon-to-be Lincoln Square/North Center)!

Former Chicagoan...well....REALLY REALLY former lol I just saw "chicago" as a forum topic and stopped in Smile
I moved away when I was 13, but the Chi will always be my "hometown". I was a south-sider.
What I wouldn't give for a Maxwell St.polish, or a Ricobene!!
I also think the music I grew up with there is like...embedded in my subconscious mind or something.
I wish I could say "Oh hey, Rogers Park! Yeah I know the area.." But I didn't get out of the south-side much..

I am alyxanderjames' partner; I also live in the same Rogers Park/soon-to-be North Center apartment. (That sentence makes it sound like the apartment is moving!)