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Selecting the "My Watchlist" menu item from the side menu results in a completely blank page. All the other items result in a reasonable site page...some with no relevant content, but with the correct structure.

I'm seeing this on Safari and Firefox for Mac, also on Safari for iPad.

I just realized there's a second way of getting to a watchlist, from the main "5090ers" page. For me, it also comes up with no content.

Are others seeing the same thing? Site problem or me problem?

Mine is working fine, Phil.

Mine's working fine on Firefox (Win7).

On Chrome on a Chromebook, - all OK and on Opera on Linux, - all OK.

I'm not knowledgeable on Safari, -- but I remember reading something recently about display issues. Can you get to a non-safari device and check there?

My iPhone 8 displays things very oddly compared to other and other like e.g., does not update an updated page, I'll see the same for a long time. Then I noticed, maybe when do a cold boot, things change, -- it's almost never cycled.

So, derUgo Smile

Thanks for checking!
Seems like it's either my account or something on the site doesn't like Apple products. Smile Opera and Chrome have no better luck than Safari and Firefox.

At least Chrome is nice enough to supply an error message instead of a white page:
"This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.


(Non-critical page for @Eric Distad when you have a free moment.)

I get a 500 error in Opera (Windows 10) and a blank page in Firefox.

Yes, there seems to be a rotating issue with 500 errors this year. I was getting that briefly on my page earlier but it seems to have resolved itself now.

Indeed! My whole profile page was blank today for a few hours - although I could see everything else on the site that I looked for. Is it the ghost of 5090 or is Big Brother watching us?

My profile vanished on 3 different systems yesterday but for 10 minutes. , my iPad watchlist always work.