Aardvark Danger

Aardvark Danger

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Liner Notes: 

Loved the 10-second song Fuzzy posted, so I added lyrics (Fuzzy's originals are in quotes) and extended it from 10 to about 200 seconds.

P.S. I put more work into this than any of my own songs! It's got drums, bass, guitar, baritone uke, chord organ, melodica, piano, real aardvark noises and several vocal tracks. Fun but exhausting!

Fuzzy here;
Holy moly, TG did a fantastic job with expanding my ten second snippet in to a fully produced tune!
I love this so much!!
I might even have to do a cover TG's cover of my tune for Rocktober!


A four-fingered man
took me aside, sighed
and said:

"Don't pet the aardvark, don't pet the aardvark
Cos that fucker will bite you"

A one-handed woman
took me aside, cried
and said:

"Don't pet the aardvark, don't pet the aardvark
Cos that fucker will bite you"

A headless zoo worker
took me aside
and right before he died
he said:

"Don't pet the aardvark, don't pet the aardvark
Cos that fucker will bite you"

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Holy shit, I love this so much! There is an awesome 90s alt rock feel to this and it's infections. That chorus is catchy as hell, this is a great collaboration and a fantastic song!

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I like the way the extended intro gradually widens and gains depth. Humurous escalation in the verses. But that chorus! Most excellent!! Things like this make 50/90 so special.

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This is amazing!

That chorus is absolutely great! This is so well done vocally too, there's a real trauma in those verses and chorus! haha. I'm going to have to come back and hear this again with headphones!


Yup glad I came back for this with some headphones! Gonna be humming this for awhile today, ridiculously catchy

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My aggro red squirrels here think this song is about how badass they are, haha! It's so cool. I like the instruments and lyrics a lot. It's catchy too!

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Can't help but see the image of the zoo worker's head, outing its last words before it leaves the body... lol! Plus the fact the four-fingered man only sighed. Catchy song with all the instruments doing their part.

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haha! i love the narrative of this. catchy chorus. i am NEVER gonna pet an aardvark! great collab

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Awesome follow up to such a hilarious micro-song

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I wish I had more time for listening this year. This is awesome. Love the chord organ - I know you had mentioned that to me before, will check it out. This is super catchy, funny, and a bit bizarre - excellent!