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Inspired by reading about musicals this challenge (of a series) is to write a song with at least two distinctive characters identified in the lyrics. It could be a duet, or even better three or more people. Bonus points if there are multiple vocalists in a collaboration on the recording. Tag it #multiplevoices and post a link here

Oh this has @metalfoot written all over it Biggrin

Sounds fun @AndyGetch

I've already got into trouble with the FT Blues Band and its multiple members suddenly taking on a life of its own. Do I WANT more voices spinning off? Perhaps I do...

@Jibbidy34 you betcha!
@Tim Fatchen Multiplicity has it's drawbacks Shok but I am hoping this sparks ideas and new directions Yahoo

Oh, I'll probably give this one a shot. Smile

I've been wanting to do something like this with my band, so I will probably give it a try.

Sweet! I do this stuff with multiple characters fairly often. Here you go!

I haven’t gone back to tag it yet, but I just posted one that fits the bill called “Sweet Clover” (*38176). It’s tagged “misguided-murder-suicide-ballad” so watch out if you don’t like that sort of thing.

Listening to the other entries here, and it’s clear I need to up my game on the next one! Appreciating the creativity!

here is another with two EV voices -- not exactly to the parameters of this challenge but tending that way. I *will* do something for this challenge.