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Yes, one of my favorites for so many reason for so many years.

So, if -- U2? List it here :p

I have a (really) busy, July, August this year; however, I'll do my best to have a listen and comment.

I have a few things in mind and if I have time, I will run them by here as well.

So, that's books, poems, traditionals, old movies, -- whatever gets a song going, based up a wonderful Pub Dom item.

-- Hey, it's what Rock and Roll is based upon! (Old Spirituals, Traditionals, and Beer-hall Re-writes too! :p )

No Rules here! So, feel free to "Preview" any in the works for July, pre-july -- is fine by me!; then Update when "officially" done.

Here is a site I copied from John Staples post at FAWM.

Yes, that's an interesting site for just into PD, -- but, there's a wholelottamore ... really interesting stuff pre-1920's into the 1800's.

It just amazes me in a wonderful way how something, e.g., 220 years ago, looks, smells, tastes like it was just born today?! Smile

It's a wonderful thing.

After I posted this thread, I went to work on an idea I got the other day while commenting on someone's post elsewhere... "Train songs"?

I just did this during lunch, so, don't pre-5090-judge to harsh ;p (you can hear it's a one-take, while writing, but that's how I do it; soon to be - overworked, overdone and etc. Smile ) Capturing the initial idea, going/trying for a more R&B, Folk-rock?, blues skew... I hope! Whatcha think?! (well, so far... heh...)

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"She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain" (late 1800's Traditional, we ALL know!!!, well, not anymore, by me Smile )

Ive spent a lot of the last few months with Public Domain Poetry.

Hey Cool-one, -- that's an interesting archive too!

How I find my stuff that interests me, often times is, -- in my reading (and do read allot through the day) I'll find something that leads to something else and in this way is has a direct connection to me.

So, for example, I was on a FB group this week, and reviewed a song by someone that made me think, -- "huh, that'd be an interesting theme of sorts", and so I listed a few song as e.g., there and one was "She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain" ... but with some kind of different skew, r&b, blues, folk-rock ish, And so I set out to see if it had been done (found nothing) and if I can make those words work in some other "melody" melodic rhythm, etc.

And, me, I LIKE working in a fishbowl with bounce tracks as I go, -- maybe the opposite of others. I'll put up the one-take as writing it no overdubs 1v1g track, -- then build it.

But doing that I try to hear it as others may (?) and helps me to be, possibly "critical" in a more relevant way. I can write allot of self indulgent music, but would prefer if others may "not mind hearing it", too Smile

So, anyway, -- I've been doing PD forever and how I met a few folks here, -- "surprised anyone would take that on in a different direction" and then -- "liked it!" I see that PD is finally catching on, or catching on again, -- but is not a thread killer like some Smile with many posts. But, maybe half a dozen folks or so it seems, -- could be more, who knows, FAWM5090 is new, every year Smile I love encouraging it for all to do at least once and if has a personal connection is always best.

I find stuff sometimes by major artists who CR'd the song, THEIR performance, arrangement of it but made no mention to it's origin! (Not at all...?) And so, in my research of it, bond with it, and wind up doing a version of my own and then do a brief origin of it with it. I don't get why any major artist would not comment origin if even totally rewritten and it being, e.g., a "Traditional" (I've seen one that did, but not many).

So anyway, -- I do love Pub Dom as I see it Smile

Kind of interesting to make use of PD stuff. I hadn't thought to try it. New challenge...

OK, here's my first:

She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain -- pub dom, rewrite. I was waiting since was the first pass record as writing, then overdubbed..., not sure it's going to "be" this "way"... But, it is what it is now; hard to explain the feeling of something missing, but that angst is there Smile hahhh it's like needing to burp, but can't, and it's right there! So, this is pre-burp Smile :

i dont check to see if a poem is public domain. if i hear a melody for it, i sing it.

@billwhite51 -- yeah, you can do that in Peru Smile

I don't care, I'm not a "rules" guy, -- if you cover a poem, etc., and do a re-write, post it here. I'd say, just Source/Resource it, as you would anyway. There may well be stuff that fits but technically not "pub dom" ... I never checked the:

-- track since was Peru and all the rest, etcetera Smile and I love that track!

So, derUgo Smile

There does seem to be many "covers" out there, and the "writers own work... ... etc." type preamble.

Me, personally, like with the Rocktober thing last year..., -- made it clear what the project was, and clearly "free" to listen to as what it is, or was to me, -- work product from an academic exercise. They only sue if you offer it commercially, make a kazillion dollars and even if it's an "Am Chord" Arpeggiation Smile oh, for "Heaven's" sake, hahhh... o m g (that band lost money on the decades long suite in Atty's Fees, -- ironic!)

So, about that:
John Milton, 1623 was 15 y.o. paraphrased the Bible into his personal *poems, then published later (musicated) in as many as 476 Hymnals. Rewritten yet again, by me today 11July2019.

Performance note: my initial music engaged E Major and E Locrian (3rd degree) scales played simultaneously on the D, G strings with the remainder as open and sympathetic.

It's been ~ 14 years since sung, engaged this song. It was, if remember correctly, a "first" song in learning this Genre for which no one was "available" then, Smile to "teach", mentor and etc. Ironically, then, the whole "Hillsong" thing occurred and (for me, sadly) "it" was used as a Venue/Stepping Stone "opportunity" for folks seeking *any *way into the "music business". (Ah, the "devils" work, indeed Wink , rock'n roll baby... ? )

So, since comes up from time to time and in a negative?, Smile hahhh, -- what would *I know about that?
-- Hmmm, well, worked at the only Tri-State FM "Christian-music-rock-contemporary-oldie (?)", radio station in my region at the time. (Digital changed things quite a bit, when that occurred.) *And, it looked identical to the "rest of it" Wink un huh! (da muzik biz) And, so it goes/went. But, I wound up with a wonderful "Mentor", an "old" *LIVE Radio (AM/FM) performer ( Smile hahhh!), -- who had the clout to grab me when he had time and went off to "sing", teach (while on the clock). No, they didn't like my "covers" rewrites and warned that many took "Hymnals" incorrectly as an "additional book" -- meaning the very personal connection (and why this song was "forgotten". HOWEVER, some commented, *"hey, love that version, where's it from?, -- way easier to sing!".)

So, derUgo! Smile Pub Dom, -- one of my favorite things to do! Re-writes, not covers, *re-writes!! Smile Smile

A knitting of disparate phrases wrapped in more the rhythmic spoken word -rhythms rather than pub-dom -words that need to be musicated in a likely recycled genre melody ism (pub dom ish).

So, the kind of lyric that if don't want to get whipped for near cliche you frame it this way? Smile

So, not a clearly pub dom rewrite, but like I said, a bunch of isms as I hear them in meter and phrases and are not really usually seen together like this, -- or, I haven't.

This holiday weekend on Amazon music lots of stuff was coming up to checkout and up popped “Songs of The Civil War”, by Various; and, in particular one done/covered by Richie Havens (Woodstock, other - for folks who may not know the name?)

Anyway, a very unusual, imo Album to pop up but did. I have to research it well, however think/believe it is likely mostly public domain - what else?

Some looked right up the alley for some here. So, just FYIing it since know I was glad to find it.

How engaged seems to cover many genre possibilities and for Roccktober “covers” that too Smile Wink and w no CR worries at all, if as I suspect it is.

So more for the folks who get my stuff, — look that one up since seems to have 16-18 tracks to pick from (hard to see all on my iPhone).

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Edited in:

Ah, it's 25 Tracks.

And if it's important to verify, it is for me, I'm guessing it'll have to be -- each individual track searched for roots of the song since the "Album" and "performance" is surely CR'd since see the "Copyright: (P) 1991 Sony Music Entertainment Inc." for the sound recording, of course as it should be. But I don't see any liner notes or notes just "by" with no other commentary.

Anyway, I just like citing the roots as much as possible since would not otherwise exist if even a public domain source, -- but, that is just me, and I am different than most, possibly.

And, actually not public domain, but contains "idomatics", ---- was first in Lyrics-Only form, then updated with iPhone recording, the as-is now, Audacity demo-ism Smile (I'd love a separate discussion on idomatic single phrases knitted into songs... aren't they all, "Lord have mercy on me!" Wink )

Many TLTR Smile Liner Notes in both posts if interested. As some know, I love etymology; this was a great one for it since to date, not a "language" Smile more a drunk'n mess like, "Innagadadavida" ("In the garden of eden", but in drunk'n slur form and became the song! Wink Smile ) ...

"Oh! Susanna!" (yes, coming with a banjo...)

-- Oh, my!, and from 1848! Yeehaw!