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OK I have to ask, and am probably being totally dim...
what the hell is a Fininer ?

A stuttering fish? a Fifty-Niner in a hurry?

Assuming Fininer is a shorthand term for someone who does 50/90 but perhaps not FAWM?

I think it was simply an attempt to make '5090er' roll off the tongue as easily as 'FAWMer'.

It doesn't, quite.


Fi'Niner is indeed a participant of 50/90. A fifty Ninety er or... a FiNiner.

I hated it when someone proposed it and now I use it all the time. So... if I'm the party to blame.... well, I suppose I ought to apologize.

Me, I'll never blame a party if they invite me too.

@metalfoot - I wonder: Are there people who do 50/90 but not FAWM?

I came to 50/90 through FAWM. I didn't do 50/90 the first year I did FAWM, though. I first FAWMed in '08 and first 50/90ed in '09.

FAWMFininer is kind of fun to say.

@Chip Withrow Yes! @katpiercemusic comes to mind immediately as an example of a 50/90er who doesn't FAWM.

Fininer I got. I'm trying to figure out what Sheeaun means.

For seven years I thought it was FiNier. Like two first letters from the first two words?

How about "FiNicky"? Wink

Good one Fu. Smile

Now most logically it should be FiNiCh-iers. That the first part sounds a lot like "Finnish" is just a coincidence, I'm sure. Nothing to do with Kl.

Double post. I should really hit the hay.

@Valerie Cox Sheaun is a slightly anglicised version of the original Irish Síodhán, meaning a fairy mound Wink It's the name of the townland I live in in South County Galway, Ireland Smile

Where I am: and yes, it's as quiet and remote as it looks. I am in the middle of that map Wink By the way a townland is an area of land, not a village. There are a few other houses here, but they are very spread out.
Photos available on request !

@Klaus I thought was to do with Finland too !

Thank you everyone for explaining Smile love n hugs Smile