Run Paint Run Run

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"Art is rearranging and grouping mistakes" - Don Van Vliet

Ahoy Captain, you're still sorely missed.




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You're capable of many a sound, I have observed, but you are the right person to do Captain Beefheart. Wow, you really nailed it. I'm really enjoying this; beefy indeed.

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i would never dare attempt a beefheart cover. how did you accomplish it so well? you got everything right..

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As much as I adore the Captain, I would never attempt a cover of his tunes.
Although now that I think about it, another member and I did do "China Pig" a few years ago.....
Yeah, you've tapped in to the highly structured chaos of a Beefheart song.
I believe that Don would approve of your effort.
Great job here.

Never hear of, but, intrigued now... good stuffe.

I think your actually Les Claypool in disguise! Smile hahhhh... broken-okee! from oaklahomie
(Well, not just flat-lander-country! Smile )

Edit: -- I check out the live and "official" on YT, -- dude, I think you did better than offering. (Esp the live, if even the cut track... you'd be a hit during mardi gras! )

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One of my favorite Beefheart tracks. This is positively mental! I like the contrast between the distorted lead vocal and the smoother background vocal, and, of course, all the bizarre chaotic sounds going on behind it. Excellent! Give "Tropical Hot Dog Night" a try!

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LOL! This is awesome. Is that a crazy piano back in there somewhere that I hear? The vocals are so well done & mixed. Great job on a Beefheart classic Biggrin

See You In The Shadows…

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Absolutely fascinating. I immediately hear the link between the Captain and the White Stripes now!
Beefheart covers generally are quite rare, i really enjoy that you have done a song off of Doc at the Radar Station, well done. Now as to the actual version itself, wow, that is a great organic sounding version, i love the sound you have got. You have been very faithful to the original in many ways but this is an LP that i feel is quite shiny and "produced" if you like, but your version gets rid of that feeling, it's far more immediate.