in 1997, after 16 years on the new england folk circuit, i returned to my hometown of Seattle to make my re entry into its rock scene. the grunge era was over so i felt safe gettting togetherr a band with ex soundgarden drum tech, gregg keplinger.. i had 20 songs and we had recorded six of them when circustances took me to north carolina and the project was aborted. during the tume we were recording, u worked as a santa claus and the lake forest ark mall. the reason i bring all this up is because one day a pre teenager asked me santa for an album by the presidents of the united states. that night, by sheer circumsance, the presidents were backing me up on thus song at a record company christmas party. litte did that kid know that santa would be singing wuth hus favorite band that very night. this was a memorable accudentt as it so perfectly represents the double life i have always led. so here, 23 years late, i am covering kicks, and another record company has jus told me they are rereleasing their entire catalog and some unreleased materal as well, and are interested in putting out a single of two sogs from that 1997 session with gregg. these are the side benefits of old age. was any of this relevant?




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Great story in the liner notes.
I can hear the tragedy inherent in the lyrics with your version as opposed to the barnburner of the original.
Gosh I wish PR & The Raiders had stayed a punky garage rock outfit instead of going mainstream.
Nice vox.
Good job here for sure.

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Yes, it's relevant. Great story. And a good version of the song.

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Superb vocals on this, just the right use of effects to convey the great lyrics. I really like the approach you took - it makes the song more compelling.

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This is great! and yeah a perfectly relevant liner note!! Excellent version of this too. Congrats on the news!! I saw the Presidents once around that time, and bought their album, boy was I disappointed in that hahah, they were a great live band, kind of sad they never got any better Biggrin As far as I know they were still putting on that same show 20 years later Wink

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I always liked this song. You have a haunting quality in your recording that lets me look back on early times and smile.

Good luck with it, - hope it sells a kazillion copies this Christmas for all involved.