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The guitar has new strings. The pedal board is setup and the amps are mic'd. The iPad and the MacBook are charged. There is a new Trello board to keep track of everything.

All that's left to do is wait out the clock and then actually start writing songs.

On your mark....
Get set....

Only about five hours left now. It doesn't do me any good because then it's two a.m. here in Helsinki, Finland.

I have a gigantic pile of cords twisted together into a confused mass all over my desk and I need a shower. And I'm seriously planning on hitting the 50 this year.

How will I survive?! Smile

EDIT. No, wait a minute. This was written after I looked at the countdown info clock on the site's Home Page. It then said five hours to start. According to the rules I can start writing right after midnight but posting opens tomorrow at 14.00 p.m Helsinki time. Anyway it's not use, coz I'm going to bed now. And I should. I'm obviously very, very confused.

Midnight is still about 10 hours away for me. As much as I'd like to start writing immediately, I think I'd rather be sleeping. I'll kick things off in the morning.

As every year, I remain perpetually confused about when we're supposed to begin. The countdown clock has us beginning about 5 hours from when I'm writing this (or, in other words, has the event starting at 7:30 pm Eastern USA time tonight). Is that when we can formally begin? Or at 12:01am on July 4 local time? Or at some other time?

Or am I just overthinking this and I should just start when I feel like it? Biggrin

I start when it's July 4 here...or, usually, about 8 hours after that.

It's just a time zone issue. I say we start whenever July 4th starts. For me that's Eastern Daylight Savings time, or about eight hours from now. Anyone else can start whenever the please though. It's not like there are referees dishing out penalties for people who start too soon. If you're good right now, then go for it!

Its 4 july here. 6 in the morning. Gonna have brekky then I'm in to it!



I think midnight local time is cool to go to work. You won't be able to post songs until it's July 4 everywhere. That's gonna be 0600 CDT on July 4. About 14 1/2 hours from now..

What I’d like to know is why is the site clock running 30 minutes fast?

I'm pretty sure that's just part of @Eric Distad's nefarious plot to continuously keep participants confused and guessing about when we're actually supposed to start (and ultimately stop)!

Here is what the FAQ says @OdilonGreen:

"I really can't start until July 4th?
You must wait until July 4th (your local time) to start writing. If you have a lonesome hook or idea you've been wanting to work out for months, it's OK to finally structure a song around it. Or, if you're planning a concept album it's OK to start doing research. Just don't take any old song and say you wrote it during 50/90. !!!!Note: the website will unlock song posting at midnight July 4th at the international date line (more details below)."

"When can I start posting songs?
Song posting is unlocked midnight at the end of July 4th on the international date line (link is external). That's 9pm in Tokyo, or 12 noon Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), 7am in New York, 3am in Anchorage, etc. You may post songs up until the same time on October 1 (i.e., as long as it's still 50/90 somewhere in the world)."

@OdilonGreen That's so we don't tank his server by trying to upload dozens of songs at once. Smile