Take Care of Me

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Iggy Pop sounds like a terrible boyfriend or the dude who wants to stay on your couch "for a couple days."


I've been working a long, long time
Now I'm caught in a wicked bind
You offered love but I threw that out
I couldn't hear you, I was too busy shouting

Like a laughing hyena run out of breath
I shot my rocks off till there's nothing left
It's an old, old story, I suppose
A heavy price for a heavy pose

Just take care of me
Take care of me
Somebody should
Hey, I'm pretty good

International garbage man
I've decided that's what I am
I need somebody to pull me out
I'm sinking like crazy in my sauerkraut

Take care of me
Take care of me
I've done my best
Now you do the rest

Little boy, take out your toys
And then lay them on the table
Benwa balls and bugs that crawl
I can't enjoy them without love
Still I've been known to run around

take care of me
But beware of me
Sometimes I'm a snake
Just after the take

And take care of me
Take care of me
I've done my best
Take care of me

Now you do the rest
Take care of me
I'll never forget
Take care of me




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that was me in 1977. you do a powerful job of recharging ancient energy. i love everything about it..the song, the guitars, the drums, and especially the battered yet triumphant spirit of the vocals.

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I'm sure he's still on somebodies couch somewhere Wink
Great cover!! was going to maybe do one of his, we'll see still just kind of randomly deciding Wink
Piano was a really nice touch, don't remember if that was an album that had some on it or not its been so long since I've heard this original
Great performance!

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Wow! This is fantastic! Your guitars and vocals are absolutely perfect! Love that guitar riff and great beat!

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I'm not familiar with this tune.
That said, you channel the Iggy energy here without sounding like him.
Yeah, I'd rather not have to take care of Mr. Osterberg.
I hear that he can be quite a handful.
Stellar playing all around.
Excellent work!

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Strong right out the gate--your vocals are so good here! Excellently channels the original, but you don't take yourself too seriously in the delivery and that's what makes it ("Hey, I'm pretty good" made me laugh). Great energy and production (as usual).