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Liner Notes: 

Number 34 on the periodic table, and a really neat element to research.

12 string guitar, vocal: me



Named after the Greek goddess of the moon
With a garlicky smell to make you swoon
The element selenium

Many dandruff shampoos that you'll find
Include some other stuff combined
With good old selenium

Necessary in a small amount
Too much will make you very sick
Helps to clarify glass
Selenium is rather slick...

If you've ever run over a skunk
And had to deal with its harsh funk
That's a form of selenium

Necessary in a small amount
Too much will make you very sick
Helps to clarify glass
Selenium is rather slick...

Let's hear it for this element
One we all need to survive
Let's hear three cheers for number 34
An element that helps keep us alive

Necessary in a small amount
Too much will make you very sick
Helps to clarify glass
Selenium is rather slick...

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Ok this makes me want to research some random academic topic for a song! Gotta say I love an educational song. You managed to squeeze in a lot of facts but still made it sound like a legit ballad (with a triumphant ending) somehow. Cool tune!

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Clarify that glass! WOOOO YAY SELENIUM! Thanks to selenium I have a whiskey holder! HOORAY SELENIUM

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Lots of sensory and tactile cues yes! Still loving the twelvie sound too Smile

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Nice, the moon goddess, garlic, and dandruff. So much territory to cover! Now I wonder where skunks get their selenium from. It's in their diet and their body is just excellent at extracting it? What food sources have selenium? I'm not actually asking you, I will now google this.

Glad to see the elements project moving forward.

That is one big sounding chord in the beginning. The 12-string has a massive sound, good tune for this and very informative lyrics. Not the type of tune you'd expect for a science song, I like it!

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I'd say this is definitely in the top 100 of songs from the Periodic Table of elements that I've heard.

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Hip hip hooray, # 34! Boy, that 12-string sounds nice. Fun and educational, as always!

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Yes! Another element song! I hope you have some kind of grand plan for all these wonderful, educational songs!
Smart lyrics, as usual. I dig the folk-spaciness of the music. Another winner from your lab!

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I did not know that about skunk spray. I like that kind of Beetles descending chord progression that you use. Very cool! I had fun while learning today!

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Great and unusual topic for a song. That is a compelling chord progression, and the plaintive vocal melody really adds a lot of mood. "Many dandruff shampoos that you find" ... haven't heard that in a pop song before!

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I mean I'm a sucker for all these lyrically......really intriguing and great sound you're coaxing out of that guitar here, kind of took me away from the lyrics, so great work! will have to listen twice, or not be lazy and read.........I'd rather listen twice Biggrin

I've been around my fair share of glass blowing, it's got a great color, but yeah that smell is unmistakable, not a skunk and not weed......hmmm must be selenium Biggrin

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Not only is this a great song, I learned something about skunks that did not previously know!

Your choice of tone here (slightly sad, downbeat) is a nice way to reflect the qualities of a substance that we both need and dislike. It feels like a sort of "well, I guess we're stuck with it" ode to something we're not particularly fond of but can't do without.