Welcome to 50/90 2019!

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Howdy everyone! Let's make some music!!

Yay! Thanks for all your hard work setting everything up, Eric!

woo hoo! thanks Eric can't wait

Hi everyone, thanks for the work with setting this up Eric

I'm never as excited to see a site maintenance message as I am on this site. Looking forward to it!

Coolparadiso preparing for duty. Thx Eric

Thanks @Eric Distad! Can hardly wait for the music to begin...

Thank you Eric and hi everyone.

Excited for my 2nd year here!

Look at all of familiar names. Good to see y'all.

Familiar names? Or usual suspects? Thanks Eric, Hi all!

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It's almost time! Thanks Eric and looking forward to hearing everyone's music.

Usual suspects are most likely.

Hi everyone!!!!

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Hey, peeps!

Hello again, all you early-risers!
Question for @Eric Distad - would it be possible to post demos from reverbnation, like we do with soundcloud?

Wotcha! Here again under false pretenses, I've never had any intention to do 50. Aiming for 14.
The weight of 50 would cause my house to subside.

Here! And I just donated. Soon I'll have one of those bad-ass rock hands next to my name!

New russian

The year is 5090. Time to write 20 songs in 19 days!

Hey @oneslowtyper - I don't have good integration code for Reverbnation like I do for SoundCloud. If you post a demo to ReverbNation, at this point it would show up as a link pointing to an external site. It's something we can look at for future. I would like to integrate Bandcamp as well, if possible. But neither will probably happen for this year.

Getting ready to get ready to get going!

Donated and waiting on dem Rock Hands!

Hello everyone. Looking forward to 50/90. Bandcamp integration would be awesome Eric, even if not from this year. Thank you so much.
Wishing everyone a very happy and productive Summer.

Thank you so much for hosting our creative tendencies!

Thanks @Eric Distad !

I think I'm more of an unusual suspect Smile

Hey there all you beautiful people!

Big hello to all, and thank you Eric!

Hi everyone! I've been more or less absent the last couple of years, but I'm going to try to make a comeback this year.

Ah here we are, alright ready to go at it again!

@coolparadiso and i'm usually unsuspecting

Fire has been lit! Ready to roast marshmallows...I mean write music! I'll do both.


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Back for another kick at the ol' can.

Summer without a Challenge is not a summer at all. Thank you @Eric Distad and others.


Ill be listening and trying to post a song a day.

Good to hear @billwhite51

Hey y'all. Let's get ready to do this.

Hi all! This'll be my first time participating, so I'm looking forward to getting to know the community and writing music alongside everyone!

@cola Welcome to the madness. Wink

C. Black reporting for duty! Well, not duty, as such... Is it possible to have a leisurely stroll in a city park holding someone beautiful's hand instead? But metal?

I'm down for some of that. Biggrin

Oh, erhm, hi!

I'll have a go at 50/90 this year. No way am I going to "win" - but I want to get comfortable with recording again and what's better for this than 50/90?

yessss! i'm using this challenge to not only write brand new songs but to also finish those almost-finished songs so i can demo them... my first 50/90 was last year and i won it, just barely!

Hello everyone! Thanks, Eric D! Getting ready to tap the creativity!!

There is nothing better than being with my musical friends!!

Summer: I don’t love the heat, but I do love the songwriting and fine wit in such good company!

Petrol is loaded. Gentlemen and Ladies . .. start your engines.

Hey everyone

missed you all so much, pop in n say hey
just to say good luck and HAVE FUN

sorry for shouting

lets gooooooooo