I thought your thoughts would be better thought out

I thought your thoughts would be better thought out

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Liner Notes: 

This one was inspired by two different real life situations with different people, unrelated to each other but similar in some ways. The truth is, I have alot of different emotions about these two situations, and have some positive feelings about the people involved too, tho certainly some anger was channeled in the writing of this one. I have to say, it felt cathartic (or as the kids might say 'cathartic af' to write this and get it off my chest, so to speak. I guess it's got that "Dylanesque Positively 4th St" vibe, perhaps?

Oh and the word 'mench' is a Yiddish word meaning, basically, 'a good (or moral, upstanding, etc.) person'.

Another iPhone-using music memos (which adds drums if you want) recording.


It gives me no joy, to see the foolishness you embrace
Without empathy, your world is just a cold database
Your attraction to right wing hate is bizarre
I thought your thoughts would be better thought out then they are

Have you always had this bitterness in your heart
Diagramming people’s faults in graphics and charts
Convinced after misreading a few seminars
I thought your thoughts would be better thought out then they are

To look at this election and say you’re noncommittal
You think you’ve got it figured out, you know very little

I guess I’m thru trying to help you to be a mensch
Getting too close to your thoughts, I don’t like the stench
You can save your self-aggrandizement for your memoir
I thought your thoughts would be better thought out then they are

(c) M. Skliar 2020

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I get the Dylan connection. I thought it had a Travelling Wilbury's kind of groove. In fact, I hearby dub thee Woody Wilbury. I love that descending bass line throughout. The hook line is solid as a rock.

There is a mensch somewhere there. I like the sleek bitterness that makes the meaning come with the descending bass line that kinda swings it more into parody.

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Yup dylan connection noted. Got that classic storyteller style. Strong guitar. Great last few lines that sign off the song

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Great feel, good changes, and the recurring line (and title) is great. I love this song.

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It takes talent to give databases, graphics, charts and seminars a folksy feel. I've rhymed Mensch with French before, but never stench. I like it.

The tumbling repetition in the title hook is used to really good effect, too - I looked forward to each new iteration of that line.

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That's a great hook! Pretty upbeat and witty for a catharsis - yeah, I like the "sleek bitterness" description from lowhum. Some great chord changes, too, keeps it fresh while staying in that singer-songwriter idiom.

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positively 4th street is right. people talk so much about the dylan influence, but frankly i havent seen much evidence of that influence for many decades now. his great songs are beyond the reach of most and his average songs are no better than those of anyone else. so nobody has attempted to write another like a rolling stone, tambourine man, sad eyed lady, changing of the guards,hard rain, or jokerman but you have done a very good job your own version of positively 4th street, right down to the descending bass line.

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I love this. I am highly amused that you had to explain mensch, but I get it. Also, bonus points for getting self aggrandizement into a song that's not heavy on the syllables per line ratio.

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Great title (which reminded me of the First Edition's "I just dropped in...") and the song absolutely delivers what it promises. A beautiful demolition of That Person and his supporters that is both despairing and painfully funny. And the guitar playing is first-rate!