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I maybe should of listened to the original first, It has been a while, I know I didn't remember all the lyrics haha, but think I got the gist of it........ always been one of my favorite love songs. I had a whoopsie and turned off fuzz trying to turn off delay towards the end, but eh, I'll just pretend I meant to Biggrin , and boy the crickets are out in force Wink , okay I'll quit........... I just listened Biggrin


Sitting here wishin on a cement floor
Wishing that I had something you wore
Run outside in the desert heat
Get your dress all wet and send it to me

I miss your kissing and I miss your head
The letter you're writing don't mean your not dead
Bloody your hands on a cactus tree
Wipe it on your dress and send it to me




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Love that groove you’ve got going! Great bass line and cool lead guitar. Your vocals are perfect!

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youve really got that noisy boston indue rock sound of the late 80s down. love the way your vocals sear right through the rhythms that get noisier as the song progresses,.

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For me the Pixies are always connected to Bowie after seeing both at a big concert. Funny that Bowie later also covered Cactus - Good choice!
Nice version, displaying both the stripped down as well as the noisy elements of this important band

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Great choice, cool version. I dig the noisy guitar. Cool use of guitar FX. Your vocals stand on on this one.

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I do like The Pixies, altho I've never heard this tune.
I'm liking that fat guitar sound.
There's lots going on here sonically, which I appreciate.
Haha yeah, losing that fuzz was an inspired *choice* at the end!! Wink
Nice work!

Great work.

And, I love the "gist" of a song... better than BIAB plastic... uNo! Smile

Great lyrics. Not really familiar with them... will havalook now.

I like the Fuzz out and the end, -- works, yes, leave itTin.

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yup this is good and thats as a big Pixie fan! Excellent version!

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Hey! A Pixies cover. Nice to see someone show them some love.

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Nice vocal performance, with lots of cool sounds in the mix. Love the really distorted guitar and the reverby one floating around in the background!