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Hi, Mods.

I've been trying to access the archives ( and I'm getting a 403 error. I can access last year's ( without problems, and poke around the older sites via the Wayback Machine, but I can't get into them using the traditional links.

Have the archives been deleted, or is there an issue at my end?


@Eric Distad can answer for sure, but I believe he said there was a problem with the old archives and they were taken down.

Hi @Stephen Wordsmith - sorry I'm just seeing this now.

The old archives had an issue and had to be taken down. Due to some constraints with the hosting, I probably won't be able to resurrect them any time soon, though if there is something specific you are looking for, I might be able to check the backups.

Going forward, it looks like we might be only able to host one years worth of archives, unless I can figure something else out. Sorry for the inconvenience!!

Thanks, @Eric Distad. I was after a lyric for a song I had collaborated with another 5090er on, and was able to find it on his Soundcloud.

@Eric Distad Any way to see last year Rocktober entries (or any other year for that matter?)


@tcelliott - How about this: (It was broken before and I just fixed it - sorry for the inconvenience)