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This challenge is inspired by reading a Stephen Sondheim book about musicals. The typical musical has an opening number as an introduction to the show to "tell 'em what they need to know" and to pull the crowd in. This blog explains it far better than I can
Or you could use this challenge to write that opening number for a performance gig that will engage your audience and get their attention.
Tag it #openingnumber and post a link here

Sounds fun!

Interesting blog post. Since I don't know what I'm writing about (it's always seat-of-the-pants for me) I might be informing MYSELF what this summer will be about.

It should contain both gritty lo-fi and Big Production. Weird noises and sweet vocal harmonies. Electric and acoustic instruments and non-instruments. Stories and stream of conscious.

So this one song might be all over the map. I will keep this concept in mind!

@standup writing the opening number later is an option. I may write more than one to this challenge.

interesting post. SInce the beginning of 5090 is July 4 (which here in the US is a nat'l holiday, Independence day) and since at least some of the songs I write have a political/topical theme (not all of them by any means, but not alot of people do the political/topical thing, its something ive been doing for a while)... my first 50/90 song i always treated as a sort of 'state of the union' .. "where are we now" thing. (and no surprise, this year, as the last two years before it, it may be in a dark depressing place indeed!) we'll see.... but that's at least what I'm thinking about at present..

I started off my first song with this challenge in mind but it kind of morphed into something I wasn't sure counted in the end... then Mike Skliar commented that it was a good opening song so maybe it did after all...