Closed Timelike Curves

Closed Timelike Curves

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Liner Notes: 

Me: "Okay, that's two tracks recorded so far today. That'll do."

The Muse: "How about a third?"

Me: "Well, I..."

The Muse: "You know those tracks where there are two completely different sounding sections but at the end you play them together and they fit? You should do that."

Me: "Well, I..."

The Muse: "Only you should do it with *six* parts instead of just two."

Me: "..."

Making this work was a lot more complicated than the end results would suggest, and pulling it off required a considerable amount of sheer blind luck. Or instinct. One of the two, anyway. Oh, and most of the synth stuff is Ichiro Toda's free Synth1 polysynth VST that's modelled on the Nord Lead 2. Took me a while to get to grips with it, but I now like it a lot.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Love the burbly synth sounds. Nice intro, but guitars around :50 were welcome!

Great lead a bit later, nice change in tonality, and cool note choices.

Then around 3:30, a heavier sound, very welcome. And nice harmonized lines.

Epic all around!

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An evocative listen. Sometimes ya gotta do what the muse says!

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You have good instincts, this is very good. Makes me think a fine prog rock band stumbled into a John Carpinter session.

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Oh that 0:50 section sounds perfect after that buildup. Majestic!

Muse is a bastard! Always getting people stuck with inspiration. I swear.

This is tense. A bit like some scifi plot where you have only 60 seconds to reach the... uh... tetrahedron of cosmic light before it enslaves the whole milky way for a millenia.