I’m A Snake In The Grass (Dreampunk version)

I’m A Snake In The Grass (Dreampunk version)

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Liner Notes: 

AndyGetch: I saw song *42655 I'm A Snake In The Grass by @barbara and had a different musical idea. Sort of a combination of dreampop types of sounds with punk powerchords. Then I played around with effects in Garageband and this is probably as good as it is going to get from me.


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I’m A Snake In The Grass
Lyrics by Barbara

I was a snake in the grass
If you could’ve avoided me
We’d never have clashed
But I uncoiled myself
So the cards were dealt
By my stretching out,
you came face-to-face
with a snake in the grass

Soaking up sun, it’s the name of the game
I’m not embarrassed, and I carry no shame
But you took me by surprise
Lady, have you no eyes?
It’s not your path,
it’s mine
I just needed the sunshine
I’m a snake in the grass

Due to evolution,
it’s my constitution,
I’ve got no regulation, but you,
you’re just on vacation!
Sorry for biting you, I know it’s not cool
Maybe next time you can spare me some room?

I’m back to doing the thing I do best
Sunning and cooling, a delicate balance,
While I get my rest
I’m just a snake in the grass
An innocent snake in the grass
Be mindful where you step
Keep your eyes on the path
For snakes in the grass

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Strange, unsettling, yet somehow charming. This treatment takes the lyrics to an interesting emotional space, I'll have to go listen to the original to compare

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There's something frightening about this version: fear comes through the swirling punkfog. very different from the other. But it's a lyric capable of multipel dark meanings, right @barbara/ Right!

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This is a much more creepy crawly version that hisses with its personification!

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Great headphone weirdness here.
So different from Barbara's original.
I've had a snake hanging around by our pool; I'm sure he's just trying to suck up the heat from the concrete, but I'm afraid he'll fall in.
(That's my snake news update)
Nicely done.

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Wow, I never thought about how a flange/phase effect is kind of like..."slithering". Seriously, that makes it very snakelike. Was that a conscious choice?

Anyway--this was entertaining! Nice work with those FX!

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Ahhhh... power chords made slow and slithery! I like it, the dark strength lurking ready to strike, but not yet. Cool change up for verse 2. Exudes a lot of latency throbbing there, under cover. Nice one!

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That snake is up to something....a darker tale, nice perspective and agree it has a Floyd flair to it. Nice collab!

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I'm loving the sort of paradoxical perspective of the singer. In this instance, the snake is both a self-aware observer of the scene and a creature of instinct, lacking self-regulation. Anyway, the whole thing is cool and weird and a little unsettling--and ultimately didactic: watch where you're stepping, come on!!

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I had to listen to see what "dream punk" was! I see now it's a psychedelic, woozy trip to outer space - nice! I like the lyrics from the POV of the snake.

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I love the use of the effects, they definitely create an unsettling dreamy feel to the song. Having the lyrics be from the snake's perspective is great, nice play on the saying "snake in the grass".

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This gives the lyric a different feel, for sure. I listened to the original before clicking on this take. And they are two different *cough* beasts *cough*. In a good way. I like the washing over feel of this one. It's like two completely different songs as the feeling I get from each of them are so completely different.

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Accidentally back here and lsitening. Hafta say, it's even darker and more frightening second time around. Well done!

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love the flange effect very suspenseful and ominous. creeping lyrics and the musical treatment suits them very well. great collab