Any Interest in a First Weekend SUPERSKIRMISH?

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I LOVE a nice SUPERSKIRMISH to get the juices flowing and this year skirmishes are gonna be my ticket to getting songs done there interest in doing a SUPERSKIRMISH on July 5/6?

def interested!

Yes please!

Always interested!

But of course. Skirmish is a big part of my plan to move my process in a new direction.

Yup I'm in!

Boo! I have company that weekend. Don't tell my company I said that. Smile

oh yeah

Raises hand.

Maybe. We're at the Mariposa folk festival all weekend but I might have 1 or 2 up my sleeve.

Always interested. Thank you John.


Yuppers! You betcha! Smile

I'll get a signup post with schedule up on Sunday.

Absolutely. Thanks @johnstaples!