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Interesting world is collaboration. I mainly write lyrics in the room and not. Prefer the Bernie/Elton style, but finding Elton is always a problem. Lol... so many ways to collaborate. Wrote in Nashville recently with four other people at the same time.. the outcome was very nice...but I did feel a little out of my element, but it was fun so there's that. Good luck with your collaborations. dg

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Thanks! All the best to you!

Do you topline? (Add lyric/melody to an existing music or backing track?)

I had never "toplined" before till last FAWM, when I did on two collabs, which turned out very well. It's a very creative approach, IMO. Hearing a lyric in the music; like seeing a figure in a block of marble.

Toplining is great fun Smile

I've successfully toplined 4 times in 11 years, and needed scatting in 3 of them.

I did find I ended up with less pretentious lyrics, which is always a bonus for me.

I had to topline for an entire opera. And have the words make lyrical, dramatic and emotional sense. Never again. (Other than one song after FAWM)

I love putting lyric/melody to a backing track. Send me one anytime!

I have done this too but sometimes it's successful and sometimes not. Always willing to give it a go though!

Hmmmm... I have. Usually not. Sometimes writing in the room with people...I do some. Most often co-writes with me that are not appointments in Nashville or nearby are I write a lyric and let someone run with it ... changing it if they want to some degree. I really like the give and take and back and forth of working together, but that is often harder to schedule... and even then I do a lot of prewriting. DG

Yes I can do that

ok, i guess its kind of a bit of a thread hijack, but i was reading this thread, thought about writing something, and... ended up writing and recording this song instead from a slightly funny idea i had while trying to write something on this thread (which i never ended up writing)
here's the song...