Candelabra Too

Candelabra Too

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Liner Notes: 

Second attempt at a @Candle "style swap" used the frippertronics looper plug-in he introduced me to as well here, two loops blended together, then just some raw noodles on top

I didn't have any bread tags but would of used one Biggrin

a 1mm Tesi Switch pic Wink .......great company, cheap good switches/mods.....always send some pics along with any purchase Wink I have a few of their arcade button style cutoff switches I grow more fond of every day, although this was all on a Gretsch chambered body I still have yet to do a whole lot to other than'll get a switch someday waiting to tear into it until I get some good TV Jones pups Smile

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


Too too.

A cut off switch would be interesting to hear, -- effect; esp melodically.

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It feels like one of my guitar explorations, but it's definitely a @dzd song Smile I really like the dirty tones you're getting out of your guitar. The song evolves nicely, it feels like wandering through glass corridors to me, for some reason. Maybe it's all that reverb or the echoey delay that does that for me. Oh.... it's done. LOL Yeah, would love to have had it go longer, but I know you're just experimenting. It would be great to hear a longer piece in this style.

See You In The Shadows…

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It sounds like you're experimenting with your guitar amidst a storm of friendly bees. It has a pulsing quality that actually serves as the rhythm; I found myself nodding along. And then there's enough "melody" to hold us throughout

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The synthetic loops create a really intense sound that is a bit addicting and unsettling almost palpable sensory experience. I like the juxtaposition of the noodling on top. My ended abruptly.

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That was a treat. I’m not familiar with flippertronics and I’m definitely checking them out, now, but it was nice to have no idea how you sculpted this mass of sound.

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Nice and spacey, some interesting sounds and the guitar beeps along well.