Better Luck Next Year

Better Luck Next Year

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Liner Notes: 

This has been an eventful, busy summer, including buying and moving into a new house, so this is the first thing I've written since 50/90 started! This is for the prompt "Better Luck Next Year" for the Songfight Live 20th anniversary event. Live, one-take recording done on my phone, it might sound janky because I pulled the audio using a converter. I don't think the live fight video is up yet, but eventually it will show up here and you can see the video of me playing it:

I didn't win the live fight but I came in second!


Moon, shine your light on my shoulders
Moon, shine your light on my shoulders

In the eclipse, all the pinpricks of light between the leaves of the trees and the lashes of eyes turned into a billion cameras that printed the sun

When the volcano blew open the sky and the ashes rained down and the seas turned to fire, the city was frozen in time in a moment of pain

So do the birds in the trees sing about us and this terrible year and the breaking of hearts and the sadness and fear, the death and the moments of pain?

Or do they capture the shadows that drift past the sun, and what looked like a growl but was only a yawn, and the smiles that light up the room in a flash and are gone?

Moon, shine your light on my shoulders
Moon, tell me I’m right to be hopeful
Moon, tell me what I really need to hear
That maybe we’ll have better luck next year
Maybe we’ll have better luck next year
Maybe we’ll have better luck next year

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Beautiful lyrics - I love the thought-provoking imagery of the verse and I feel the plea in that chorus too. The finger-picking is perfect for this, and I especially like the descending bass line.

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Excellent lyrics, well performed. Liked it very much.

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really nice as always. some real tongue twisting to get all those words in!

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Glad to see you're kinda here. I like the tight, flowing rhymes. This might work as a rap too, maybe. That guitar has great structure, very solid, and you're floating nicely over it with the vocal. I like the musing on what do the birds think of all this. I like the growl that's a yawn. And we all know 2020 will be etched in our memories forever.

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Great to hear from you! Incredible lyrics and those gentle harmonies are so soothing and lovely. I particularly like the "So do the birds in the trees sing about us..." lines. There's a wonderful hopefulness as well as acknowledgement here. Excellent work.

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Hey, an Owl song!!!
And it was worth waiting for!!
Oh gosh, so lovely!
Wonderful lyrics and excellent vocal delivery.
Your harmonies are gorgeous.
The extended ending is super nice, too.
Really great work, as usual!

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Congratulations on 2nd place!

Lovely singing as always. I really like the long-stream verses