Interested in songwriters.

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I'm interested in working together with songwriters to collaborate and create maybe 4-5 new songs this 50/90. If you're interested in working with me, let me know. Thanks.

I'm always up for it, and would definitely benefit from a chance to break my genre mold a bit.

Hello sir welcome back!

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...and you know I'm down! Smile

Always happy to work with other songwriters. Lyrics here.

Me too preferably lyrics.

I'd love to collab. I variously write lyrics first, imagine lyrics for another's music, or sometimes put music to another's lyrics.

Always interested and love your music! Would be happy to write to a theme and genre you are interested or to co-write with you!


I'm interested Smile Love your stuff. I'm a lyricist Smile
Let me know and we can have a chat Smile

Ridin' for another roundup. Honky Tonk, Horses, Cows, Trucks, Trains, Bluegrass, Country, Cowboy, Western.

@cts I owe you an apology sir, I kind of ghosted out during FAWM. I didn't do it intentionally, the month is just so short and I was so busy with real life stuff that I only got out ONE collab (with @sapient) that I wanted to get done. I am very sorry I just kind of vanished like that.

@Kingwood Kowboy - I am trying to write a country tune right now, so I'd love your help and collaboration.

Hey NuJ4X

I'd love to try my lyricist hand with you
I'm benjo on the forum, and am always looking to collab, and try new things, just let me know
and I'm good to go

Take care


@NuJ4X We've never done a collab so I am down!