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I plan to run my 5090 FAWMUAL Sundays Skirmishes at 3PM EST as I have done for the past - I dunno how many - 8 years?

Unfortunately thats 5 in the morning here, but i will come in late and do it when i can.

yay! Thanks @corinne54

great stuff, thanks @corinne54

My favorite skirmish of all! Thanks @corinne54!
I did a mainly acoustic guitar/vocal FAWM and got 2 albums out of it. One goal for this 5090 is an album of acoustic skirmish songs!

looking forward to it yay

Thank you @corinne54. See you then.

Just curious, since I got a little confused when had the time late in 5090 last year, -- some discussion then, -- of "here" (5090 reg submission posts), or as had been done?, (at some point?, someone said) on a FaceBook group, or other, if I read/remember correctly? (I never seem to get the fringe bene's of here, just the reg stuff.)

-- Since not commented and was brought up, the here/there thing and regular posts, there may be "new" folks (as there always are, -- hopefully), who'd get confused on any assumptions from regular attenders here Smile (I do seem to get easily confused it seems, too...)

Thanks (again), Corinne. I'll likely be on board for one, some, or all of these. Smile

8pm here so all cool Smile

Thank you so much Corinne, always looking forward to your amazing titles.