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The album release thread in general got me thinking about how frustrating it can be to try to develop a fan base when those closest to you don't seem to care, so let's help each other out a bit. The idea is that you post your social media type stuff here, but if you do, you make the commitment to like/subscribe/whatever to anything anyone else posts as long as you are a using that media. So for instance, if if someone posts a Bandcamp page, and you have one as well, then like/subrscribe to their Bandcamp page. No need to sign up for a youtube channel if you don't have one though. We're keeping it easy.
Here's mine:

And the favor is returned! This is easy and fun!

Hey @katpiercemusic, this is a really great idea! I hope a bunch of folks participate to support one another.
my website (hasn't been updated recently but you could scroll to the bottom and click the LIKE button!)

SoundCloud (ran out of free space over a year ago so my latest stuff is not there but I have a lot I love there)

Youtube (I produced one video for Taking Me Down that I am still really proud of)

ReverbNation (mostly a subset of what is at SoundCloud)

SONGTRADR (one place where I offer my music for sale)

Facebook (I split my time here between music and political issues)

Twitter (I split my time here between music and political issues)

Leatherwing Studios (my publishing co. for royalty-free instrumental music)

CD Baby (some day one or more albums will be here but currently only a couple of singles)

Amazon (some day one or more albums will be here but currently only a couple of singles)

@johnstaples the royalty free instrumental idea is brilliant! We really should host TED style 50/90 talks on marketing and self promotion. I also might look into song trader. I don't do soudcloud anymore (some of my music on there ended up on a paid service that I was never asked about) but maybe that's an alternative to consider.

@Peter Arvidson I listened to your Blink 182 cover and it was really great! You seem so relaxed and natural with a really nice performance!

Also I reactivated my Spotify and Bandcamp accounts to follow you! I need to revisit those anyway and see if they will do anything for me.

@johnstaples thank you sir! That was cool of you to take the time to do. I will be following all of your profiles as well. Can't wait to listen. As well as everyone else's here New russian

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Y'know...I thought about getting Bandcamp page and what not, but truthfully, my music isn't what I would call "purchase-worthy". If I do manage to put a page together, then yeah - I'd be glad to participate.

SN - I promise this isn't a self-pity proclamation.

Yup great idea. Im subscribed to messrs @johnstaples and @peterarvidson (not least as he brilliantly produced my first album). Will do Kat and anyone who posts here. Im. https://johnnicholson.bandcamp.com/ Will do my facebook and soundcloud accounts later.

All my social links and such can be found at www.pearlmanhattanmusic.com. thank you.

@johnstaples really enjoyed your music video for Taking Me Down. The shots of the graffiti were gritty in all the right ways. And the song was really catchy and performed well.

@coolparadiso John you released a new album since we spoke last! Damn. I'm loving it. Your production sounds great and I'm enjoying the songwriting. Mr. Potions is an exciting romp. Need to finish listening to the rest..

Kat, Deanna, Pearl. All followed and enjoying the tunes! Pearl, damn that's an awesome site design and these jazz style songs are swingin! Deanna, you know I dig what you do, and these lyrics are getting better all the time. Kat, these are some beautiful pieces on bandcamp. Bones Dancing. Such sweet melody!

This is cool! Thanks for participating all! Don't forget to keep retuning the favor for folks who join. After 50/90 is done we will also all be linked up and ready to take over the world!

Been doing some listening and enjoying it. And I finally released my album!

Bandfcamp: https://rodohnson.bandcamp.com

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLX8KsotP0ogLi95YxQl5DN5Xk3LF2UJyZ

@downburst I think you're missing the J in your Bandcamp address. If not, then I'm following a complete stranger which is fine too because I like it. I especially like the Spoon and the Dish. Did you write that one last year? It's a little familiar.

Guys, don't forget to return the favors. The point of this thread is mutual back scratching!