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If you've released music in the past year or so why don't you go ahead and link it. Actually, if you wanna link all your releases, I'm cool with that. I'd love to listen to some our fellow participants music.

Speaking of which, I was just notified today that our very own Larée @L.H.Cisco has released a tribute EP to Shania Twain. I've loved listening to these songs so check it out.

Released my debut album "Are We There Yet?" in April, all songs written during FAWM and 50/90 2016-2018

Yesterday I finished a new EP, Blurry Knuckles. 6 songs one being an Elvis cover of "I Gotta Know". Fun and whatever happens kinda thing.

My latest (and 18th) album is Days Of Our Lifenheimers from May.

Gwyn Jones has worked on several of my lyrics since last year. All on
@metalfoot has also done one or two of those posted!

Thanks to them and I cannot wait to work with everyone this year

I released "Beyond" last month. I'm really proud of the arrangements on it, many of which started off as tracks written during FAWM or 50/90. PROG Magazine described me as "Leonard-Cohen-meets-prog" which is pretty frickin' cool IMO.

I finally finished Bibliophile in March. I'm particularly proud of some of the trumpet work, like in Parseltongue.

I have released 2 albums since 50/90. This one Highway of Life has all songs written in 2018 50/90.

What exactly is involved in "release" these days? Is there a minimum standard? At one time it meant you could buy a physical product in shops. I've seen people say they've released a song because they posted a lyric video on YT. Other guidance is that you have to contact blogs, get on Spotify and a ton more. Any insights here welcomed, because I am a little confused. (It's of some importance because if you have an Electronic Press Kit/Bio, you're supposed to list releases). Thanks in advance!

Just released my third album in a series of electronic #downtempo chillout music (that's what apple and spotify call it) Music for People, and you can find the Apple, Spotify, and Amazon to this album and all my other releases here:

I have two singles coming out at the end of this month as well as a few more albums and a vocal sample pack for producers.

Super duper excited, I'll be releasing a music video and album this summer, most of which was written during last year's 50/90. There will be CD, Cassette, and streaming options. TC I hope you'll like how Stargazer turned out! Its kind of 100% different, but i'm saving it as a surprise for ya! All info here:

How dare you taunt me, sir. You're an evil grinch, you are.

That being said, I'm very much looking forward to hearing it.

@Techniciansofspaceshipmars I think releasing an album for most people here means just assembling it online for download, on a platform such as bandcamp.
Obviously the more confident musically will take it further.
My own unfortunate musical abominations render any such thing implausible.

To me release means put some effort into putting it out in the world. It might only be on your website, it might only be on youtube, it might be on soundcloud or bandcamp or it might be using a digital distributor and putting it on spotify and/or itunes/amazon etc.,...

I have all the material I need for my 5th album, but I've been strapped for time in putting it together.

In the meantime, this is my latest (released last year):

Featuring contributions from @troubadette, @French Cricket, @Mt.Mélodie, @the pannacotta army, @Steven Wesley Guiles, @gvgeis, @metalfoot, @izaak, @Adnama17, @isaacq, @Dutch Cassidy, @PeteMurphy and @edsmaron

@Stephen Wordsmith No you don't, some crazy Canuck has been dragging his feet on getting you a good copy of Greenstone Carver...

In the shambles of what I'm living in right now, I missed this. Thanks for the reminder! (The only magazines that cover me are the ones I fall asleep reading...)

I "put out" a CD and digital downloads/streaming album recently. It consists of 18 songs most of which are recordings done in FAWM and 50/90 over the past 7 years. Some songs were written as far back as the 90s which make up some of the 5 live tracks recorded at a gig in October 2018, recent tracks include some from last year's 5090 and this year's Fawm. It's all about the songs not the production ( they have had little more than a spit and polish remixing/mastering wise, but I have chosen ones I think are OK on that front - and one re-recording, plus the live versions) but I hope the personality of the songs shines through. I released it via Distrokid on all the usual platforms ( a first for me) and it is available on Bandcamp. "A Tasty Slice of Wobbie Wobbit"

Finally getting a chance to listen to some of the other stuff. I really like [@L.H. Cisco] so I was happy to hear new stuff by him.
@Mt.Mélodie I'm always so impressed with how polished your stuff sounds and your attention to tone color. I've listened to the first couple of tracks, but I definitely want to go back and listen to more.
@Kurtis Kanttila I listened to a couple of tracks of yours as well. Really catchy. I loved the high energy.
@DeannaSweidel I listened to "We Can't Go Back." Reminds me of the folk rock that I've loved to listen to since I was a kid.

I'll listen to more as I get the chance. I moved my studio to the loft and until I get the skylight covered and maybe a floor AC up here it's a sauna and rather hard to breath. Knew this was going to happen. Should have taken care of it over the winter.

I just now pushed go on a new album, 16 songs mostly from FAWM/5090 since 2013, called "When My Baby Comes Around." It will be on all the usual streaming sites, CD Baby and Bandcamp. For now:

The album by my current band JaaRi is out. I added two songs of my own, one FAWM and one SongSkirmish song.

Separated out a "bonus track", -- actually, just could not decide which to include and wanted to keep it short EP-ish :p [made sense to me when I viewed the link]

Happy to announce the released album. Choosing Another Life.
Collaboration with Nico J Wouters.
Enjoy! Please tell me what you think.

Hi - Always enjoy your work. Best wishes for the forthcoming challenge.

Do you chaps think releasing an album and the ensuing public response, is a good indicator of whether it's worth continuing in your present vein?
Interested to know.

@Silver Machine No. But mainly because musicians are known for being crap at sharing their story. (Notice I didn't say music.) I've been doing a bunch of reading/research on creating a fan base (and I've followed exactly none of the advice) but I've come to the conclusion that if you're not doing the boring work of getting your music heard or getting opportunities to share your music and gain traction then you're not getting much meaningful feedback. So public response (or lack of it) can't possibly be giving you much information.

That being said, it can be demotivating to "release" something and get little or not feedback. But again, I think it is more often due to our inability to create relationships with people to share our music than it is any intrinsic value or worth of our music or ourselves.

Here's my latest release:

Looking forward to checking out the others posted here Biggrin

Wise words @tcelliott , and indeed we should be honing our PR skills aswell as our musical scales before we start complaining.
Curiously that is what I thought I was doing by joining a songwriting forum to fill in time between FAWM and 50/90. But whereas the prevailing theme in song comments left here and at FAWM is encouragement, in this particular forum it was apathy and occaisionally insult that I attracted.
Though I hardly make music for the masses, it did make me yearn for some confirmation that this is not all totally pointless.

@tcelliott what have you been reading? I need to read that too. I released an album and I've sold copies to strangers while performing, but my own friends seem to care not one bit. I try not to let it get me down but it sucks that the people who should be supportive just because can't seem to be bothered.

@katpiercemusic. Hah do we have a behavioural psychologist in the house who can explain that one? A curious but seemingly universal phenomenon.
I would say to you, the more people you upset by your music the more special it must be. And if you can musically offend those closest to you, you have a rare beast in your possession.

Long answer: I think your fan base number tells you how many people bought your albums. I don't think any quantitative objective measurement (especially sales) can tell you if you're product is "good". I make music because I have to, it burns inside me and my quality of life is poor when i don't. Low sales is a product of marketing and promotion, something a lot of artists struggle with. Do what you love, if you have to have a day job to pay the bills then consider that investing in your music career.

Short answer: no. Do what you love.

@Pearlmanhattan There is no better answer than that which you gave, and indeed it usually sustains me.
Unfortunately there's nothing worse than when you suspect people are secretly laughing at you, and you are guilty of delusion.
Then you require a bit more.
I am yet to release an album, and that has precipitated this.

I know that feeling, and it has taken therapy and medication to get me past it. Those are just the ghosts of memories taunting you. Your real friends care enough to tell you when you have a booger hanging out of your nose. Sometimes people don't say anything because they think you got it handled, or they don't feel qualified to offer constructive critique. You could always approach some people here who you trust and get their opionions

@tcelliott @katpiercemusic Thanks guys!!

Like @pearlmanhattan i write coz its what i do. However, my experience is the same as @katpiercemusic. Sold plenty of albums randomly but those i would have expected support from often were nowhere to be seen. I am very lucky i think as i am totaly Ok with what anyone thinks of my music, but it was an interesting observation.

A few recordings with the band .
Along with mostly 50/90 and FAWM generated songs

Everything I've released so far.

I certainly understand the frustration that comes from releasing a song and finding that close friends and family couldn't care less!

But, to be fair, you have to honestly ask yourself whether you have expressed interest/appreciation for their hobbies/activities.

I've come to understand that just because I wrote a song is not enough reason to expect others will or should care.

I remember, it was here or my first FAWM a few years back, -- this comes up every year in one form or another... but what Elliot said, summarises it, "I think it is more often due to our inability to create relationships with people to share our music than it is any intrinsic value or worth of our music or ourselves."

I remember saying something like, "always be nice to everyone always... and then, being mocked for it. So, it's interesting to see the realisation develop over time and what I "get out of it".

It's like a circular firing squad in many groups, circles and only the old gentry engages the old gentry and allot has to do with "agreement" more than music or how a real relationship works, negotiated tolerance Smile

I get the most unusual invitations to play after engaging someone (ala "Dale Carnegie" method) in "conversation", communication and the find out I am passionate about music. The "like" me ? - so to speak, so are interested in, assume they may like my music. Now, *that makes me nervous since it's not based upon music at all. Then, I discover in myself, -- e.g., I really didn't like a genre of music until recently; even had a friend for years sending me archive links for this stuff he loved. Anyway, I got to know someone recently, talented enough to play *anything, but, loves that style, - "eh... OK, I thought".

Then what happened?

After taking the time to get to know the person, "liking" them, then started to really understand their music, then the Style/Genre made sense to me, and, now, -- hate to admit it (so to speak), I kinda like that music now, -- from anyone in that genre.

Yes, I see folks in many places complain about -- no fan base or interest, but then when give an opportunity to engage someone else with what they're doing, -- they take a pass, or issue some really meaningless "feedback-comment" that shoehorns in anywhere.

So, yes, until "that" connection is made, one could write then next great american novel, classic rock, top 40, whathaveu stuff, and, well, unless has a market niche, won't be listened to.

I was watching a SRV docuvideo Stevie Ray Vaughn where Mick Jagger, his label to do his stuff, personally "LIKED" by MJ, but said, -- "will it sell". The thing is, if MJ thought SRV was a prolific ashehole... then?

I guess folks get it, or they don't.

But, if you see the same faces, year after year and only seek to see them, well, then, -- that's who you'll see :p

I had a close friend say to me about an archive to link it to one of mine, and (God bless'em Smile ) -- "well, that's an entirely different following in that music archive, why would I cross link to your or others?" So, I said, "well, if you're looking for NEW listeners, then that's what you'd need to do", -- and do a better job talking about their very "interesting life story" since *why anyone may care (?), or care not to -- care :p

There's no magic method, period, but as Elliot succinctly summarised, indeed, "I think it is more often due to our inability to create relationships with people to share our music than it is any intrinsic value or worth of our music or ourselves."

( -- sorry for the typos, I'm in a hurry tonight, but saw this and then saw it grow, so, -- derUgo Smile )

@Steven Wesley Guiles and I released an album together last July Smile Together we are known as the Future Kings Of Denmark, and the album is called Fiery Ends Smile
or if you prefer to stream:
We love to hear what folks think of it Smile

I released a new album last October, and several of the songs are collaborations with @Fuzzy Smile
Here's a link to stream it on Spotify:

I did this one for today, July 4th:

My most recent releases on Bandcamp are "No Words Vols. I and II". Both were released in April of this year.

@Adnama17 and I just released an album on bandcamp this morning consisting of songs from FAWM, 50/90 and Songfight (and I think one off season song as well.)

"Whichever Whenever" by Evil Grin is now available on digital platforms such as Spotify, Amazon and iTunes (and a host of others.) @Adnama17 and I appreciate anyone who wants to give it a listen.

i have releaed two albums of 50 90 music this monthm and am aiming for another two in august, here are the links.

I only have this compilation of recordings from when I've performed on the local radio -

I think the majority of those songs originated from 50/90 or fawm.