This is a song I started jamming with my friends. We can almost be called a band at this point. I love Never Mind The Bollocks, it's one of my favorite Rock 'n Roll albums. The guitar sound is so amazing, such solid rhythm playing. John Lydon gives fantastically snotty vocal performances. I'm not concerned with what's Punk and what isn't, I just like music that hits me in a primal way which this album does.

A very simple song and it took no time to record. I recorded a cover EP earlier this year and those songs took longer since I was so focused on making them "perfect" and they ended up not sounding great. So I'm aiming to do these fast and loose.


You're only twenty-nine
Gotta lot to learn
But when your mummy dies
She will not return

We like noise it's our choice
It's what we want to do
We don't care about long hair
I don't wear flares

See my face not a trace
No reality
Oh I don't work, I just speed
That's all I need

I'm a lazy sod
I'm a lazy sod
I'm a lazy sod
I'm so lazy

I'm a lazy sod
I'm a lazy sod
I'm a lazy sod
I'm so lazy

I can't even be bothered




billwhite51's picture

you really captured johnnys vocal inflections here. for about two years, i couldnt sing without copying him. bollucks was the album that brought us out of the singer songwriter 70s and got us starting bands and playing clubs again.

dzd's picture

One of my favorite albums too! really nice rendition here!

Fuzzy's picture

Oh yeah, this is a wonderful version of this classic tune.
You have those punk vox down perfectly.
Really nice playing all round here, too.
This really woke me up this morning.
Great job!

Candle's picture

You nailed the punk vox on this one. What a great version!

See You In The Shadows…

cleanshoes's picture

Great vocals, this must have been so much fun! The "fast and loose" style is perfect for songs like this.