Too Drunk To F*ck

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I really like Dead Kennedys.

Here's a depunked version of this classic played on my banjolele and of course the Melodica.

I just learned how to play this sucker this morning, so it's not my best work, sorry.

The vocal line is slightly out of my range, too.

I don't see these lyrics as being misogynist (though you may disagree); rather, I see them as a comment on toxic masculinity.




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i think the essence of the song comes across stronger in your version, but i have to confess i find it somewhat less intense

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Or maybe it's more about toxic ... intoxicants? In any event, I always thought this was a great song, and your interpretation shows what strong bones it has. I'm really enjoying your vocal on this, and the melodica adds even more humor.
Incidentally, I went to high school with Jello Biafra, and he was the yearbook editor a couple years before I was. Small world.

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yeah always liked this and this is a good version, clearer but not so urgent!

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Really loving this! I don't think you can get more punk than doing a punk tune on a uke and a melodica Biggrin Fuck the establishment indeed! Biggrin

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I don't know man this is pretty Punk still, haha. It has such a unique feel this way. Everything you say fuck so clearly it comes across really amusing with this arrangement. This is fun!

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Oh my, @Fuzzy doing punk. This is hilarious. And yes, I would agree it is a commentary on toxic masculinity. Great job!

See You In The Shadows…

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This has a beautiful directness to it. It's a glorious song, and this is a super version of it Biggrin

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This feels like undercover work. I love it.

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The clarity of the vocal makes your personal interpretation of the lyric as commentary come through, much more so than in the original. The banjolele is great!