Ode To C.C. (Part II)

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Wasn't going to do this one for Rocktober, was just for my own personal amusement, but some no muffler having truck drove down the road at a pretty opportune time, couldn't resist Biggrin

but my obligatory Flaming Lips tune out of the way :D, might still do one of their new album ones, I've already learned a few of those. This wasn't released until 87? I think? but probably written late 70s very early 80's possibly a 1980 one Biggrin




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Oh wow this one really picks up! Very cool track, once again great production. Even when it gets louder that acoustic still cuts through so clear!

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Yup very cool. Gotta love the lips and this is a nice version different enough! Nice. Might think about a lips song!

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this brings back many happy memories of seeing the lips in concert. love it when the obliterating noise breaks through

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Oh, I'm loving the noise & chaos in the second half of the tune. And like @Kurtis Kanttila says, the acoustic still shines through perfectly. Awesome mixing & production on this one, @dzd :!:

See You In The Shadows…

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I have not heard the original of this song.
Great acoustic work at the beginning.
Ah, then the dinosaurs start bellowing.
And the acoustic guitar starts running away from the T Rex attack.
(Sorry, just making up my own story here)
Yeah, nice work, but too short!

Well done. There's something about "songs/music" this period or earlier; and for me, post late, late 60's, almost 70's so late Smile Good stuff.

So nice of him to tune to your key! (Like my neighbors lawnmower in D)

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Lovely psychedelia ... sounds great! Love the way the noisy section comes in but never obscures the acoustic one. Will have to check out the original!