Too Many Rabbits, Not Enough Holes

Too Many Rabbits, Not Enough Holes

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Liner Notes: 

Fuzzy here;

Hey there, I hope you're having a good day today!

@headfirstonly handed over the basic tracks to his song "Down The Rabbit Hole" (found at *45474 ), and my hardworking staff here at the Fuzzy Sound Labs secret underground bunker stayed up for 38 hours straight in order to produce a radical remix of said song, only leaving the control room for pee breaks and to visit the vending machines for snacks.

These are all @headfirstonly's sounds; I merely reorganized and played with them.

I took a liking to HFO's Tony Levin-style bass line, so my technicians made that the star of the show.

Mixed for headphones, of course.

HFO here:

When @Fuzzy asked if he could remix one of my tracks, of course I said yes. And he's knocked it out of the park with this one. Get your teeth into some primo-grade, delicious weirdness!

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


The mix in the headphones is excellent.
Unique track.
The vocals are delivered in this dramatic cinematic way; impactful.
The music doesn't get in the way of the vocals, but sets a foreboding and bleak atmosphere...menacing. But...not entirely.
The soft pads are warm and somewhat inviting - like the kind part of asking to join one down the rabbit hole. But the bass is slightly unhinged, and that paired with the character of the vocal makes me feel like I better run.
The bit at the end is just simply desolate wasteland.
Interesting track. Takes the mind places, away from the room I'm sitting listening in. Characteristic of a good track, IMO.

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Curious and curiouser. That is an incredible soundscape. I listened in my stereo studio monitors and it sounded awesome!

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Okay, so this is like Alice in Wonderland (bizarre enough in its own right) as written by Lovecraft. Which is a pretty great combo.

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Yes, the Alice In Wonderland comparison is apt. This is wonderfully weird & creepy (something of which @Fuzzy is a master). You've taken @headfirstonly's great song about his knack for getting diverted (with a Levin-esque bassline in 15/8 of all things Biggrin ) & ratcheted it up a notch (or three). Wonderful collab by two of my favourite 50-90ers.

See You In The Shadows…

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Man, I love that Levin-esque bass and the ethereal weirdness of the piece. Both warm and disturbing! The repetition of the title really works its way into the brain. The end is masterfully odd and ominous, as if the traveler meets up with a horrible ogre instead of a whimsical character. Great!

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The Owsla is calling me to Council. This sounds awesome with headphones. I went tharn for 4 minutes and 12 seconds.

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Can there be anything better than a Fuzzy/HFO collab??? I don't think so. Not in this dimension at least.
I listen on speakers and it sounds good that way too.
That bass line is indeed delicious. And that creepy echoy HFO vocal bouncing around my ears chills my blood.
Nicely done, boys!

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I really loved the original of this, quite amazing to me that this is the same track(s) I'm sure I could listen analytically for a bit and possibly figure out what madness you had your staff up to(I hope they got raises), but why ruin it! hahahah I love it! excellent work!

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It is indeed Fuzzy-ish and also Headfirstonly-ish, interesting combination! The slow, repeating phrase, almost inviting, scary...

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I love it! Yes, two of my favorites together - I totally agree with Amanda's comments. I really like the darkness that begins around the 3 minute mark. I liked the original, but I like it all fuzzed up too.

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This was pretty wild. It's got a very like Moody Blues/Alan Parsons sound if they went really dark. At least to me it does? Maybe I'm crazy? VERY LIKELY! Anyway, really dug this.

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It's like a Kraftwerk atmosphere with a very cool bass. Intriguing yet unsettling, which is a fine combination in songwriting. Fine job in the bunker, folks!