A Snowflake's Chance in Hell

A Snowflake's Chance in Hell

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Liner Notes: 

This was just me getting antsy about the way so many seem quick to judge younger people today, not realising that because we oldies don't want to admit growing up, perhaps we are not letting them come up. I can't help thinking we are crowding out a potentially brilliant generation.
We keep treating them like kids because we want to keep treating ourselves like we're young parents, maybe.


A Snowflake's Chance in Hell

It's Generation Snowflake
You hear that all the time
But who bred up our snowflakes
Who fed up their minds?

Who never dragged the rugs off
Just suggested they might rise
Now a generation shrugs off
All traditions they despise


What chance did we give them
With all our talk and no tell
What change for them out on their own?
A Snowflake's chance in Hell

They face life-long education
We jammed them bell-to-bell
Smart-phone tracking their locations
We trapped them in their shells

They never fell out of a tree
They were not allowed to climb
Today they worship bended knees
The Selfie now Divine

What chance did we give them
Whose future did we quell?
What chance their true independence
A Snowflake's chance in Hell

Treated as 20 while three-year-olds
Then three-year-olds at 20
We'd rarely shout and never scold
Thinking they'd have plenty

Now the big bad world's just over that hill
And it's coming for us all
What chance we can stand up here as one
What chance that we stand tall?

And when those of us who ignored them up
Are cold and in our graves
With all with our lovely offspring
By then employed as slaves

What will we have left for them
What will be theirs to sell?
What chance in that future?
A Snowflake's chance in Hell

A future of actual indenture
A Snowflake's chance in Hell.

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A very insightful lyric, I think... I'm trying to raise my kids to think and learn and experience life!

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Thanks metalfoot. There’s a lot to be said for skinned knees and the odd scratch from a fall at eight, I reckon/