Fake Band Name "A Is For ABBA"

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Just like "A is for ABBA" except with fake band names!

I'll start...

Achilles Whale

Bow Wow Wow

EDIT: Ok, this is the fake band names. Right.
Bubba Does Dallas.

Canned Cod Conundrum

Crunchy Cockatoos

Devious Dingo and the Devilish Dozen

Egregious Elephants

Eddy and the Current Events

Frivolous Lawsuits

Gregarious Ragmakers

Hell For Handbags

iPhonies, The

Jerry and the Jawbreakers

Karma and the Kangaroos

Leper Colony

Muddy Fish Bone

Normal Norman and the Nerdteasers

Opie Taylor and the Tater Tots

Paranormal Sensitivities

Quaint Axe Murderers

Ricky Flatbottom Orchestra

Sixteen Scandals

Tetris and the Video games

Uvula Jones and the Terrible Tonsillectomies

The Venus Mounds

(The) Wascally Wabbits

Xenomorph and the Face Huggers

Year One

Zinc Floyd

Artless Bastards

Bartless Astards

Cartless Dotards

Dartless Drunkards

Epileptic Ewoks

Funk Punks, The

The Gainfully Employed

Hurtz Doughnut

Idleness and I

The Jelly Do Nots

Kleptomaniac's Virtue

Las Vagrants

Mini Moose

Nasty Boyz

Oogaly Boogaly Eyes

Ptolemy, don't Ptolemy

Quintessential Dogz

Rivetting Robots

Shaking Semaphores

Truman the Tiger

Ultra Band

Vindictive Armadillos

Where Are My Pants?