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Please chip in a little to support 50/90.

Just ten bucks gets you some rock hands by your name (all the cool kids have 'em or will shortly!). If you spend twenty five you get hosting for your songs. And you can buy swag of equal amounts and still get the hands or hosting.

So many ways to support 50/90 and the goodness that is about to happen here!

Done. I really appreciate the file hosting!

I donated. *cheer* Ten bucks is the least I can give considering all the joy this place has given me over the past 11 years.

I didn't see a spot to enter my username for assigning rock hands, but I'm pretty sure Eric and Jen know me well enough to figure it out?

@metalfoot looks like you've got yer hands!

Got mine! I don't even like to post til I have it, although I did bend that one a little but saying hi after I donated but before the hand appeared.
I couldn't imagine participating and not donating.
I kicked in $25 because the file hosting is awesome.

Just Donated!

Got my rock hands yesterday! WhooohHooooOooO! Smile

I'm in. And Rock Handed!

The file hosting is awesome, and considering I don't use soundcloud anymore and considering making videos is such an added pain, the file hosting saved my butt last year.

New russian donated and excited for 2019!

I like to bump this thread every now and then. Good to see more and more rock hands around here.

ready to rock! (or whatever it is i do)

Got mine again. Made my alter ego do it too.

Just donated!!
The file hosting is aces for sure!!

Fuck yeh

I donated a few hours ago... I want my hands so bad...


just donated (and as i said in the message with it, i need file hosting)

Just got my rock hands!!!
If you haven't donated yet you should, if only for the convenience of the file hosting!

Done Smile Can't wait to use my new hands Wink

Done. Wouldn't leave home without 'em.

Just noticed my rock hands came through, thanks!

Done! Thanks to the powers that be for doing it!

Finally fully dressed for 50/90!!

Wow! I got my Rock Hands. Now I can finally ROCK with my hands.

But seriously, what I'd like to do with my hands right now is to hug that woman or shake that man's hand who was kind enough to donate me my Rock Hands.

Thank you m'lady or sir. Thank you kindly!

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My Rock Hands are accounted for!