Musings on reaching 30 songs with 63 hours to go

Musings on reaching 30 songs with 63 hours to go

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Liner Notes: 

Surely it's not unrealistic to finish now? Hah. Another one for the nonet challenge.


I told myself I was going to
You know I'm more stubborn than nails
I'll work myself to the bone
I won't accept I've failed
Stand out of my way
Give me some air
Don't stop me

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It really is still possible; just depends how much you're willing to kick the inner critic to the curb and how fast your brain can come up with new material!

Love the punk sort of attitude coming through this song. Smile

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Love this last minute spurt of determination. Really cool.

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This is a great nonet - the way the lines contract ramps up the tension, conveys the urgency of time running out as the deadline approaches. And you did it! Hooray!

Congratulations an a stupendous push to get to fifty songs - that was really something!