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good to see a lot of songs posted today. made over 20 comments on them so far.. lots of new linpirational listens. keep ot up. keep writing, recorisng, posting, and commenting! in another month, most of us will return to radio silence.

wow how do you all make so many inspiring comments!?

im reaching 88 comments on peoples songs.... and i thought that was good? eek :o

Any amount of commenting is good, @nerdjealous.
Keep up the great work.

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@billwhite51 that's a very apt comment indeed! That's actually my favorite part about these challenges, usually unless it's someone I personally know working on something new, or some band/artist I'm already a fan of with something new(woefully behind there), or at a show and hear someone new, I don't do enough listening through the year.....well I guess that's still comparative to most people, quite a bit of listening Wink

Finally hit 200. I've been lazy the last little while. Now I'm trying to catch up on my Watchlist…

See You In The Shadows…

1000. Off travelling to the outback tomorrow so any more commenting will depend on reception! may be ok! I will also be just lyrics for a few weeks

Trying to lay off reading the news and do more things that uplift me. So this morning I started a new meditation practice, sat in a shady front yard canopy, and listened to some fine music.


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I have not crossed the 200 mark. And I'm aiming to do even more!

@billwhite51 - sir, you are the patron saint of commenting. And I thank you sincerely for every comment given to me.



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500 I guess a few days ago, just noticed Smile

@cts I agree with you about @billwhite51 his comments are even nice little bits of art in their own right as well Smile and 900? kudos!



I passed 100 awhile ago, closing in on 200 soon.

Hit 200 a while back but forgot all about it.





All right, let's finish strong people! I'm at 400 and just getting warmed up

Me Smile

200 Smile And more to follow

just bumping this...because it should always been on top

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600 for me

I just hit 400!

Made it to 400! Definitely beat my all time record by a lot and still a few weeks to go!

Just got to 300.

Got myself up to 400 comments given!

304 from me.


Well over 600




O M G ! I actually hit 107... just happened to check. Surprised the krappolla outta me-ah.

Just passed 400. Folks have been busy and there are some real gems out there!

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passed 700 sometime this weekend

I have 400 now

1300 here and i think my last milestone!

800 is now in the rear view mirror...

Over 700 now

313 now. The skirmishes certainly help to push up the total number of comments


To the 35 members on the Century Club list, congratulations and excellent work!!!

Past 400 today.

I can now be moved to the 200 club! Smile

900 club!

i didnt make it to 200 when 5090 was still open for posting but i have now

Just reached 500!