Little By Little


Little By Little (Radiohead Cover)

We spent some weeks in our garden during lockdown. I was not inspired to write songs, but I had a little travel guitar and figured out how to play this song (The King Of Limbs confused me at the time, but it has grown on me). I decided to make a video to get into Adobe Premiere. In the end my little daughter stole the show when she saw me recording.

Tools used:
Laptop with Garageband
Travel Guitar (Höfner Shorty)
iRig2 Interface
Headset (for singing)
Cans & buckets



Well, done. Love it. Those Höfners are great... hard to hold onto, but great Smile
(Little daughters too Smile )

billwhite51's picture

certainly sounds like radiohead. love the split screen, especially the fretboard imges showing us how to play the song.your daughter does upstage you on that though,

sph's picture

Great take on the song. I love how you do the percussion with cans and buckets. Well and the video is wonderful!

Kurtis Kanttila's picture

Haha love the creative percussion here. This is an interesting song and you take it on very well. Great job with the vocals and guitar! Fun video to go with it.

dzd's picture

Great cover! even better video Biggrin Especially loved the drumsticks and your little video hog