Slave To My Amygdala, Mary

Slave To My Amygdala, Mary

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ooh mary
it's not my hip that's giving me jip
oh no!
it's me amygdala, Mary!

right playing me up it is...
it is...they are.. whichever way you look at it

for two little almonds in each side of yer brain
they don't half cause a lot of trouble.
only the size of marbles
Oi cheeky never mind my marbles

i'm a slave to my amygdala mary
you know that
too right mary!
I know!

then the hippocampus and hypothalamus have to get involved
all that fight or flight-- oh yeah or freeze
all that adrenaline rushing
all that cortisol gushing
it's scary, Mary!

i'm a slave to my amygdala mary
you know that
too right mary!
I know!

once you get all that firing off down your vagus nerve you're done for
sends all my organs haywire
and what does my limbic system think of that?

i hate that cortisol - it's so stressy
i like a bit of dopamine me
nice hit of seretonin

i'm a slave to my amygdala mary
you know that
too right mary!
I know!

never been one for endorphins though
too much pain involved

wise words mary
couldn't have said it better myself

you're a right good dosing of oxytocin mary
well yes i will say that
well it's true

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I think you could get a side hustle playing Intro to Physiology courses...Well done.

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Excellent. I think that it is really difficult to produce a spoken work jazzy funk song like this. Ian Dury did it and that just shows how much talent it takes to carry this off. I really liked this.

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all you need is a group choral chorus and could have another park life here.

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Im with Roddy very ala Dury, who i saw many times. Well told and my nurse wife could even translate all the words! Welll the tech ones, im good on the non tech ones - 2 little almonds.

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Nice hit of dopamine this was! and yup, this has side hustle playing to neurologist conventions written all over it! Have a feeling wouldn't be a very fun crowd though hahah.

Great stuff!

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Ha! I love it! Your wordplay and chosen subject matter are always enjoyable, and this is no exception. I agree with comments above--this style isn't easy to pull off, but you make it sound that way for sure. "I hate that cortisol - it's so stressy" is a great line!

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A wonderfully quirky and nerdy navigation of neuroanatomy and neuroendocrinolgy in a lovely nugget of a song! Wonderfully creative and clever! Great way to think about our stresses in life. I love that last stanza. Thanks for the morning smiles!

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(Ah, My love is a dose of oxytocin...)
This concept and the character’s lines truly delighted me throughout! Caused a silly gleeful grin and twinkle. These the sounds of a neurochemical-savvy generation. I agree this would make a fun link to share for a course on brain chemistry.

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Bravo Ho Ho Wobbie! You've got the grey matter natter/chatter/patter down perfectly here!

Neuroscience gets the Wobbie treatment! I love it! Where would we be without our catecholamines, eh? "You're a right good dosing of oxytocin" is pure genius. Incidentally, I have it on good authority (backed up by my Latin "O"-level) that we have one amygdala in the temporal lobe on each side of the brain, making two amygdalae in total. I'll get me coat.

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What a ridiculously clever lyric and a bouncy track to deliver it to!

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I shoudl have expected something as orthogonal to normal as this from the title (which pulled me in, I admit). I hear this all the time in shopping centres (except the accent is different), it seems to go with a particular've got it down pat and done it brilliantly!.

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Yay! More classic Wobbie! You do these so well and they're so clever. I always enjoy them. And brain chemicals and their accompanying regulatory systems are a super fun topic, even if they aren't always super fun in real life.

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Your tracks are always so interesting; I always know I'm gonna hear something good.
I'm really enjoying the slightly off-kilter musical background.
That bass is pretty groovy.
I like your spoken word delivery.
I get it about the amygdala, although mine haven't caused me trouble in a few years; I think I got those suckers whipped in to shape now.
It's my hippocampus that is giving me grief these days.
I suspect it's burned out from decades of abusing it, if I'm being honest.
Anyway, another excellent track from you, Wobbs!!