Dare You See What I See? (Now with a demo!)

Dare You See What I See? (Now with a demo!)

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Liner Notes: 

Ok, this seems to be a new trend: Write lyrics at work.

I might make these into songs tomorrow (last day of 50-90 & my day off, funny how that worked out Biggrin )

So, I've got a few of these, stay tuned for more lyrics that may/may not become full fledged music'ed songs.


Recorded a demo for this song this afternoon. This is just my voice & HG Fortune's Astral Dreamer VSTi. A quick simple song, that I really like how it turned out.

See You In The Shadows…


Dare you?

Velvet ropes dangle precarious
Candle wax melts into a mess
Musty tomes bequeath the key
Elder sages want to be free
Old souls are simply lost in time
Candle burns notorious
Dare you see what I see?

Dancing fools create mundane views
Distracted mob cheers their reviews
The jester jests the crowd believes
Lies are sold as purest dreams
Old souls are still lost in time
Candle fades the rent is due
Dare you see what I see?

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This is a pretty cool lyric, definitely thought provoking!

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Oh I like this a lot!! super spooky and a great lyric! This is the kind of poetry reading I dig for sure Biggrin old Eddie Poe would of loved this I'm sure, unless he was a complete narcissist that didn't like it unless he did it Biggrin

That's a really great delay on the vox and just enough background creepiness to really make it quite unsettling : D Love it!

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The vocal echos and delays and the manner in which you sing really add to this well, has a spooky October twinge.