(he was) sent to walk on a timeline

(he was) sent to walk on a timeline

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Liner Notes: 

The kind of song to return to with lots of time intervals.

In between working on this, a week ago or so the line 'he was sent to walk on a timeline' popped up in my head. I decided to sing this line in the song.

I have a lot of catching up to do and I will. Music has been a second priority this edition of 50/90.

It's like a big pool of songs to swim in and dive into. I look forward to it, after this 50/90 is over.




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What a rich and cool soundscape you've got going here! I love the sections in the middle where things thin out to a few clearer parts and then back to a big production. Overall, the buildups and dropoffs are smooth and hold interest really well.
An intriguing sung line as well. Awesome all around!

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What a great full sound and energy in the rhythm. The guitars are great with the other layers - from the synth to vocal samples creating a wonderfully delicious richness!

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First off, love the title. The music has a very ethereal feel, as if plucked from a cottony cloud in a psychedelic sky. Reversed guitar sounds really good! I like all the changes, particularly from guitar heavy to more dreamlike and synthy. Nice bass as well! 2:58 is my favorite part, when everything clears away and you're just left with the guitar riff before everything plunges back in. Thanks for all the comments this year, by the way!

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So much really cool and interesting guitar work in here, and that vocal bit sits in it so nicely.......really had me tranced out, really enjoyed my listen!!

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Oh yeah I'm liking the wordless vocals.
Your usual excellent production.
So many great sounds mixed in there.
Lovely guitar line.
This tune is almost soundtrack-worthy; I'm thinking it needs some sort of visuals.
Really nice headphone mix.
Another winner for sure.

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very cool song. It is kind of part shoegaze and part retro synth pop, to me anyway. Takes me back, actually!