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For anyone wanting to go crazy, Robert Fripp released God Save the Queen/Under Heavy Manners in January 1980. It's an album of Frippertonics, so it might be a bit hard to cover. But I'm sure some of the amazingly talented Prog musicians in our community could take a stab at it. Not me tho, I'm sort of intimidated by it Biggrin

See You In The Shadows…

Or for a master list of albums released in 1980, check out Wikipedia:

See You In The Shadows…

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@Candle only sort of intimidated? Biggrin

Robert Fripp.
What a hack. Wink

@dzd, I mean, I like playing around with loops & delays as much as the next guy, but Fripp is a sort of god in that department. Biggrin

@Fuzzy Lol Damn hacks Wink

See You In The Shadows…

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@Candle yeah same here Wink I'd actually like to hear someone who was a little farther away from his influence than even myself have a stab at it Biggrin That 1980 album is one I know I've heard, but not in a long time, I will at least give it another listen.

@Fuzzy yeah soooo terrible of him to still be hacking away at it too Biggrin real shame hahahaha

And speaking of Fripp, one of my all-time favorite albums is King Crimson's Discipline, but that's 1981!

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@tjeff that was my first introduction to them in the later 80s might of even been 90's by the time they crossed my young minds radar other than some stuff the old folks were playing Biggrin that's one I still own and listen to every once in awhile, has sure stood up well over the years.

Oh yeah, Discipline is a great album.
@dzd and @Candle; if someone were to put together a percussion loop for me I'd love to take a crack at "Under Heavy Manners" and replace all of the guitar parts with Melodica. Doing the vocals would be a blast.

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@Fuzzy I'd love to donate a cajon with brushes/tamborine whatever else I may fancy at the time ready to plug into a loop for that Biggrin I'm sure you can tweak it to add any fills you might find suitable @Candle wanna play too? I might do that tonight while not watching tv, so I don't break it Biggrin

Oh jeez, does this mean that I'm actually gonna have to do it now?!?

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Yup! your fans have demanded it Biggrin

I don't recall hearing from @Eric Distad yet confirming that there will be a Rocktober set up here this year. Maybe I missed it?

No, @johnstaples, you didn't miss anything.
I'm hoping that the Rocktober site will just magically open on October 1st.
@Eric Distad?

Yes please, where is Rocktober being held?

Any news on the site?? Anyone heard/know anything about when the Rocktober link will appear on the front page?

I'm clicking the link, it's working fine... hmmm... Wink Fool

@ustaknow thanks for the original thread from FAWM sharing these links!!

Are there and working... Top one for songs, bottom one for adding songs... Biggrin

i uploaded a song to the first link, but dont know where it went.

I got my first song up. Recorded it pretty quickly. Aerosmith's "S.O.S. (Too Bad)"

what is the link to access all the posts?

if there is no way to access a list of posted songs, we could just post the links here. this my my first one.. bob dylans saving grace from 1980

I’ve done my first but I’m concerned it’s too much like the original... and concerned about copyright strikes!
I’ll post anyway but I’m already on one strike :o

I'm motivated today! Gotta get it all out while I still have inspiration. This is my cover of Judas Priest's "Heroes End"

number two..goodbye and hello by tim buckley

thank you Fuzzy

Okay just one more today haha. I was so inspired to start Rocktober and had the time today so there is no use pacing myself because once my inspiration is gone that's it. The Sex Pistols' "Seventeen".

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not 1980 or nothing, but to start October off for me

25 years of an awesome album! Here's my dedication and today's Rocktober song!
Btw no sibling rivalry here, my dudes, so you're safe from the hype... Wink

Here's my first effort, a tune by the great Canadian musician BA Johnston.

We used to be able to insert pictures in Rocktober liner notes.
Does anyone know if that's still possible?!?

Eric just updated the site so we can get to the Rocktober section easier Smile

Is there a link, @metalfoot??

The main menu now has Rocktober Songs and Add Rocktober Song as options. Should be all we need?

Oh yeah, I see that now.

dibs on God..lennon, ooh p.Furs

Oh hey, I made a list of cool records and singles from 1980 earlier up the thread. I totally did not mean to call dibs. guy...

Candle does Springsteen - in a very Candle sort of way, tho it still needs vocals. The Ghost Of Tom Joad:

See You In The Shadows…

I thought I was done.

However, one of my buddies, so shocked by that ep, well, I felt encouraged. So, I may have one more "squishy girl song", then, I think I'm done.

We'll see..., omg the anticipation will be unbearable, ino!

And, at "8", kinda not so much "ep", - oh well. No rules, Rules!

Hey, @billwhite51, we might have to fight over Babooshka! Wink

Seriously, though--I don't want to steal it out from under you if you've already got it in the works, unless you don't mind if there're two versions out there. Let me know!

Wow, the varify bot, -- it's either a check mark and done, (no graphic grid), or, -- as now... lost count "#10" b4 varified me... I just love tecnology...

"I'm not a robot. "

@cleanshoes Rocktober tradition states that we can do as many versions of the same song as we want. Feel free to proceed if you want.

I'm not a Cylon, just a little shiny Wink

Did one from Sandinista - hope we'll do more, if not the whole triple album ~

Yes, had another in me... but, the Cylon's, made me do it...

They had me so confused, I could not decide solo version or not? So both Fool

Not sure if anyone has mentioned that Doc At The Radar Station by Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band came out in 1980.

Let's hear everyone's covers of "A Carrot Is as Close as a Rabbit Gets to a Diamond" or "Dirty Blue Gene"!

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@Calum Carlyle I just realized that a few days ago, something off that album is on my list :D, leaning towars Run Paint Run Run so far, but they're all great Biggrin

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