I would like to mix and or master your songs :)

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Hi guys,

Now that 50/90 is over i'm in the mixing phase to put together an album. I love mixing and mastering more than any part of the music creation process, and it gets stale only working on my own music, sometimes I create music just so I can have material to mix. This is where I'm asking for help. If you like the general sound of my production, and would be so willing, I would like to freely offer my mixing and mastering services to you. The goal is to hone my skills to both complete my album, get more well rounded to different genres and styles, and eventually, ideally offer services for pay.

Basically, you record it, arrange it, send tracks to me, and then i'll mix it, tune your vocals, add effects, and master it to your liking. I can also just master your finished mix to make it sound the most awesome! This is also a great opportunity if you have some 50/90 songs that are already partially mixed (i'm in this boat), and just need a fresh set of ears to finish what you started.

So then....who would be willing to be my guinea pig?

If that person is you, then I would be delighted to be your engineer for a song, or entire album! Let me know in the comments below or via email. 3 things...

1. Please export and send each track from your project session as a WAV file with the same starting point, without effects or compression (as dry and unprocessed as possible). If you use ProTools, Reason, Audacity or Reaper, I can just use your session file instead. If you know the BPM, that is helpful as well. Files can be sent to my email at [email protected]

2. (Optional) What's a similar song that you would like your mix to sound like? I will use this as inspiration.

3. (Optional) List any specific ideas you have in mind, or notes for me.

Again, not looking for payment, or rights to your music in any way. The only thing I may ask you is if I can use a sample of your finished song or album in my portfolio.

Lets mix some music! Biggrin

- Peter

Would you like to do my song "Better Man" on the chorus lots of harmonies? Usually for 50/90 I just do a one take me and guitar, but you could redo it just give me credit for the lyrics and melody. Not sure if that's what you are wanting to do. Also I may have the .wav file from Audacity or I could record it again and send you the .wav file if you want me to do the vocals. Not sure that my timing is the best.

Hi @Belladonna , that would be awesome. I'd be happy to help. Do you happen to have a separate WAV file for the guitar and vocals? If so, I can take your vocal and create harmonies off of it and tune everything up nicely. I wouldn't be adding content to your music or recording my voice, I would be enhancing what you already have. You could re-record if not. Otherwise, I can always master the version you already have to bring out the best sound I can from it. Email your WAV files my way and i'll get to it Biggrin

Hey Peter, -- wow, mighty nice of you...

I know your work and you commented some of mine, so likewise.

Just a quick fyi, I never know when I may get crushed by "work work", as happened yesterday... seeing this, want to acknowledge it. Sometimes stuff sits and looks untouched but is not, -- actually well read Crazy

What I may do is pick 5-7 from 5090 and it be the demos, but as recorded, 1v1g, two mics, one track. My right hand is hopelessly connected to my mouth so separate v, g not likely for any good/diff it may make Wink

If I can't find the dry track, will redo and you'll have the demo here as "reference". I as you may know only use Audacity, out put 16bit wav and have it set to "highest quality" forget the spec in this moment, -- gudnuff for this. BandCamp only takes 16 bit wav min anyway as "quality". The files tend to be ~40Mb ish. I have not check the Project File size... if less, or an issue, you may have Audacity loaded and output the wav as you preference it. (just a thought, unless it's huge, not checked lately.)

All I shoot for is, "as if you were sitting there 20 ft from the Mains". However, hey, I'm open to as you see fit.

I realize you are only taking the wav and mixing, not adding content, if even plug ins, only "features" e.g. Reverb, Compression and etc.

If we are both happy with it, -- I have no problem with you adding to your portfolio. Likewise, Mixing credits to you when that/your track is used.

I know folks like certain labels... so my lousy recording you may not want your name on... but, "Mixing" is what I otherwise see, since "production engineering" relates to content, if even Plug-in ad ins, content.

I think it's great to have this discussion here, now and etc., because, well, it's just great and this is the place to do it and now.

I know you know what you are doing.

Additionally, just to comment, if for any reason at all you find yourself to busy, flooded with takers of your great offer, -- just off load me, that's quite OK. I get it. Crazy Then, maybe next time, so to speak, -- no problems here.

Hey @ustaknow this is no problem at all. Audacity saves your songs as an AUP project file, so you could just send this. I have audacity installed and can migrate it over to my software without issue. 16bit will sound just fine, great even. I don't mind if the recording quality isn't perfect or even considered 'lousy' as you said, because that really is half the fun, taking a lower quality recording and then seeing how much I can improve upon it for you. I like a good challenge! Send me your AUP project file or 16bit wav files to my email or share in some other manner, and i'll be happy to craft an album for ya. 7 songs, 10 songs, whatever you think you'd like to do. My hands are itching to mix....

I didn't save the .aup or .wav file. I need to record it again, but can do it no later that next week. Thanks so much.

Sounds like a plan, @Belladonna !

I really would love to take you up on this offer. I don't often save my stems but I'll have to make a song where I do so you can do this!
Thanks for this wonderful gesture,

Neat! Wouls you like to try mix my song "The Crow's Feather"?

My music is not recorded well it may be a challenge but if yer up to it it'd be cool. I can send the WAV files. It's 5 guitar tracks, drums, bass and 2 vocal tracks.

Excellent! I am up for the challenge. Biggrin send my way or PM me and we can mix some magic.

@metalfoot , this would be great! If you don't mind recording some material for me. Thanks again. Smile

Peter i would love some stuff done for me! i can give you as many songs as you like! im thinking of doing an album soon and need all the help i can get (14 song album) it would be great for me! how would you like the song/songs?

@coolparadiso Sir, you have got yourself a deal! Lets make an album :-). I need all the fodder I can get and you've got some great material. What DAW/software do you use?

Thank you!

Alrighty everyone, thanks for sending your submissions! I've got a solid 5 projects to start work on now, so this is awesome. I will communicate with you individually and work out a good schedule of when I can get each one done.

John ( @coolparadiso ) just put the 14 track album we produced together on band camp. Check it out! https://johnnicholson.bandcamp.com

Took a quick listen through and it sounds good on first impression.