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Gotten a lot of Zongs. Mediocre songs or melodies. At least I'll be honest, my songs suck!! Probably totally agree. I can't play guitar very well.

Haven't seen but the one zong, and I took care of that. Cat Core forever!

Well, the song I listened to didn't suck, [@[email protected]]! Your guitar playing does what it needs to do, which is to provide steady rhythm to support the meter of the words.
It looks like you've gotten a similar amount of comments per song as a lot of mine have. I've found that being active in the forums and giving lots of comments leads to more comments for mine.
Also, I notice that you responded to comments on the pages for your songs - the listener/commenter usually doesn't see those. Better to leave a message on that person's main page Soundboard.

Thanks for your kind words of inspiration. Wish I could do better with the music side of things. But love you anyway.

I do try to contribute to others songs and hope that helps. Not sure but do understand the struggle to be relevant.

-- Really great stuff! Smile

Its to tell if one's songs "suck" or not. Perspective is lost completely when its your own work. I lose perspective on my work all the time. Songs I think suck are ones people like, and vice versa songs I am most proud of are the ones people say need work, etc.

There are currently only 39 Zongs. That's pretty good. I remember years where there were hundreds.
@ustaknow Explain the math Smile
From past experience, when I participated in a skirmish, and commented on the other skirmisher's songs. most of them also commented on my skirmish song.
Typically, a lyric-only song will receive fewer comments than a song with a demo
This year I missed the skirmishes, wrote a lot of lyric only songs, and have written less comments than usual. I've gotten more comments than I deserve Smile

hey @[email protected] . For me its a songwriting challenge. It's not a challenge for the quality of recording, how well I am singing, how well I am playing my instrument, how many comments I get/give (although commenting actually gives me song ideas sometimes, or I find a lyric I want to put to music). The recording I post is a rough idea, sometimes very rough, and just one possibility for how the song may end up.

I personally try to have a go at the zong list each day, for at least 2 or 3 zongs. There's usually a bunch of great tracks in the zong list that simply have slipped through the cracks.

A lot of sense written here. The quality of a song is hard to judge for many reasons let alone the number of comments. My preferred best songs are not the ones with all the comments - in my view. You up the chances by commenting more and by skirmishing! If you want that that is. No moral highground here but i have commented on more posts than anyone this year and as an example i use Adamh song - 5 weeks to me its hands down the most original and all round best song i have heard this year yet myself and only 2 others have commented on it though it was posted 8 weeks ago! Go figure!

My take only but I don't think zongs/little amount of comments show whether the songs are not good. I find it a real mystery how the comments work. I really wouldn't read into it. It's a really complicating subject. What if you have comments and the songs were only listened partly to? This can worry you that there weren't good enough to listen as a whole, only partly. Not much point worrying about the comments. We are lucky we have them as they are much better quality than on many other sites. On bandcamp there are no comments at all and on youtube often people comment saying "I clicked on like, please like my channel"... I had a funny story when I just uploaded my video and in 2 seconds a comment appeared where the person who commented was saying how much he liked my video. I couldn't resist saying that I've just uploaded my video and he replied that he saw my video comming up so he just wrote his comment...
Anyway, I would just carry on creating. I've listened to one of your songs and read one of your lyrics. both were really good and you do play well! Your voice is gorgeous. I think with creating songs we can always find better ways, trying to improve and honestly one can spend a life time for one song only perfecting and perfecting it endelessly. I think it's much better to keep creating more songs and finding new ways of expressing what we feel, hear, read, experience.

Don't ever take a lack of comments as commentary on your music. Oftentimes, a lack of comments has nothing to do with you or your music. Timing can be a big part of it. I've actually never seen any of your songs posted, and I usually glance through at least the first page of new songs when I'm listening. I also visit the songs section. That probably means that I don't go looking when you're posting. If you post when there aren't a lot of people listening, you might not get a lot of feedback. Same goes if you post on a super skirmish day. If a lot of people are posting songs all at one and not listening because they have another skirmish to get through, it's easy for a song to get lost. I also find that sometimes it's about who you listen to. I feel like I've built up sort of a mini circle here where I tend to comment a lot on a certain group of musicians and they comment on me. Part of it is that we like each other's music and I think a little is quid pro quo. I always try to give a comment when I get one and some of them have the same policy, so we get into a wonderful support loop. Of course I listen to a lot of people outside this group, but if I start to notice that I've given a lot of comments to someone and they never return the favor, I'm less likely to continue. The point there is, if comments are important to you, start developing a circle of support with the people who do comment. Go look at the people who comment a lot and listen to and comment on their stuff.

Of course the bottom line is that we're nearing the end and a lot of folks are experiencing burnout. I think I listened to 100 songs in the first 2 weeks. Now I might get 3-4 in a day. After it all ends, I will have another big push. I can definitely make it to 400 comments. If I'm really ambitious I'll go nuts and get to 500. I've never done that many comments before.

I'm only commenting because I actually felt a bit of this during this year's FAWM. So I know how you feel. But everything said here in response, I can attest to be spot on.
This is the best music community I've ever witnessed...not that I've witnessed many, but you know what I'm sayin' Smile
I have songs with 1 comment that I think sound awesome. And just from being around here during 50/90, I know its because people just haven't had time, haven't seen the songs, get caught up in other stuff, or whatever else.
Oy, I had written so much more but deleted it...cause' i mean really, everything has been said on the topic. Keep making music, regardless of the amount...quality...or nature of feedback.

[@[email protected]], it has already been said but receiving comments is all about giving comments.

My advice? Visit each of the commenters on this thread and listen to and comment on one of their songs. Within 24 hours about 80% of them will have visited you and commented on one of your songs!

Hey Guys, love you all. Sorry I just had a bad day. I do really try hard and have been working for some years now and there are days, maybe you all experience it that I still feel I totally suck at this. Everything you all said is true, everyone's busy and no one singled me out. I would like to be better than I am and do hope to get there. I do try to comment as much as I can and am busy also. Totally understand. Thanks to everyone who responded.

Thanks Chip for your kind words and the suggestion to comment on the soundboard. I'll try that.

Thanks Metalfoot, you are always so kind.

Thanks so much Andy.

Thanks for your kindness, just a bad day.

Thanks John, you are so kind. Just a bad day.

Thanks for your encouragement. Good points.

Thanks Ophelia. So nice of you.

Sometimes it takes a meltdown to know all the wonderful people around and be songwriting site ever.

Hi. Glad you're feeling more positive. I agree with all the advice that's been posted here. In addition here are some suggestions that might help get more comments for your songs. First, consider using tags to get your songs noticed. I had a look and very often you don't use tags at all. The most usual thing is to highlight the genre of the song - Blues, Country, Rock, etc. Also 'Lyrics only' or 'Lyrics only needs music' can be helpful. Some users search for songs through tags and will be more likely to find you songs if you tag them.

Now this point is just my opinion and please forgive me if I am completely wrong! Here goes - your user name is an email address. That's fine but it misses out on a chance to make connections with others. Most user names are either a first name, an intriguing name, a cute name, etc. In my view an email address seems a little distant.

Finally, the good news is that I'm sure you'll get a lot more comments in future. This seems to be only your second 50/90. It often takes time to build up connections with other users. Also, many people here are rushing round trying to finish songs before the end of September and so don't have much time to comment. This changes after the challenge is over and you should find that you'll receive more comments at that time - this is also where the use of tags would useful.

Hope this helps, just ignore anything you think is not applicable or just plain wrong Smile I'm off to listen to your songs and leave some comments.

As in life, your social network depends on your ability to connect with others. Sometimes it's easy. (For example, you go to church and volunteer for a group activity and get to know people.) Sometimes it's hard. (For example, you walk into a bar not knowing anyone and end up drinking your beer all by yourself.) 50/90 is no different. Participation in challenges like the morphing chain, exquisite corpse, random collaboration etc., or hitting the slack chatroom and chatting with a few folks (if you're lucky enough to get in when people are there) or making a huge ton number of comments on songs. None of these things by themselves get you more comments (typically) but added together they can.

And remember, a lack of comments has less to do with quality than it does with connections with others.

I agree with many of the comments above. I have gotten more involved in some of the challenges to build some connections - and to have fun! But still many of my lyric only posts have just 2 comments. Some only one. Time of posting definitely makes a difference as does your commenting. I comment on at least 5 songs for every song I post - if I didn't I know I would not get the comments I do. But that is not why I comment - I really just love hearing and seeing the creative process and products of so many different people. Love to see how people think and feel. Love the sense of shared human emotion. And the more I listen the more I learn. And yes having music makes a difference and having a collaboration with someone who is well connected or long involved in the community tends to get the most comments. I used to be sad if I didn't get many comments but my expectations have changed and also my perspective as to why I do this. I am very grateful for each and every comment I receive and the connections I have made and continue to make.

[... snip ...] it all looks well in hand, -- great stuff here! Crazy

Thanks for your kind words, just had a bad day yesterday. I wasn't necessarily looking for comments or praise. I was really just frustrated with my lack of being where I wanted to be in regards to my guitar playing, rhythms and vocals. I did change my user name so won't seem so distant. On the positive side of things I realized what a great group of really caring people are here.

Hey Belladonna-- it's good to see you here. I remember you from FB song skirmish! Smile

[@Belladonna} If you listen to well played, well produced music, you're going to have days where you suck in comparison. For me it's been years.
Just do the best you can that day, and keep learning.

@ustaknow Thanks for the explanation. And the rest of it, too.

Metalfoot it's nice to hear from familiar faces, you Chip and Andy. Iveg, you are so right, I can be hard on myself.

"shhhhiiiieettt"....dude, my grandad used to pronounce this in this manner....made me laugh as a little kid all the time because I thought he was saying "sheet".

Hi @Belladonna, your lyrics look good but your audio sounds a little washed out because of room reverb, and that makes it hard to understand your lyrics. I recommend you try recording in a different room, if possible. Get those vocals as clean as possible and you'll be glad you did.

Comments? I don't do well getting or giving comments. I gave up on that a long time ago and mainly just do my own thing. I don't care what people think about what I do with music in here. I've posted some great songs with very good audio in here and barely got two or three comments. That goes back a few years but it's true. Also, when the challenge ends the commenting will drop off about 95%. I hate that part about 5090 and FAWM. I think it is ridiculous that people don't visit this board, full of audio and lyrics after the challenge is over. Come back in three months and check your comments, uh huh, haven't moved at all. To be fair, people are busy trying to make audio during the challenge and to have a life doesn't leave much room for listening and commenting. One last comment, I, uh, am sorry I don't comment on all songs that hit the board and my watchlist. Full transparency, I don't comment on songs with bad audio or bad lyrics or both. I would never discourage any songwriters by telling them exactly what I think of their audio when it's not good. I simply don't comment. Not to be confused with the thousands of songs I have never heard. Time management is always a problem during the challenge. As I mentioned above, when the challenge ends everybody simply goes away. When nobody else is commenting and I don't even know if the artist is still checking in, I guess I do the same thing and not comment on older songs from expired challenges.

I hesitate to weigh in here, and I definitely don't want to preach. I think [@tcelliot] hits the nail on the head when he says that participation and connection are the things that will get you comments.

Personally, I love FAWM/5090. I am not really a perfomer/musician/songwriter outside these challenge months, so this is my entire stage. While I like to get comments, I absolutely LOVE the feeling I get when I create something...when I surprise myself and pull something from the void. I can't imagine that any artist in the history of the world has enjoyed this process more than I do. For that reason I am endlessly grateful for the motivation FAWM provides. I would create next to nothing without it. The joy that comes from the process of creation is entirely independent of the post facto comments.

That said, I love comments. And I know FAWM/5090 would die without comments. For this reason I try to give comments even when I don't feel like creating. I commented on songs for weeks before I posted my first song this year. Why? Because I enjoy making connections--and because I want this community to thrive so that I can continue derive inspiration from it in the future.

I'm not going to tell people what they should do here. We all have different interests and time constraints. That said, it is my experience that those who are generous with comments get comments in return. If you care about this place and can spare a few minutes a day, then why don't you listen to a song or two or three every day (on average)? Peace

@fresh spotless youth has hit the nail on the head. Couldn't have said it better myself.

I don't hesitate to weigh in. 172#. Smile

I love FAWM and 5090. This is my third try to write this forum post - about 10 minutes. To say nothing.
I don't want to say nothing. So that takes even longer.

Every year I wish I did more collabs, listened to more music, wrote more comments, finished more demos, was more active in the forums.
Unfortunately, wishing doesn't make it happen. So I do what I can do that day. Maybe tomorrow I can do more.

Thanks again to everyone who's weighing in. It's nice to get everyone's perspective and suggestions. I have made some connections here already and I really do comment on about three a day. I'ld like to do more but just don't have the time, but I do comment.

This year was my second FAWM and my second 50/90. I think what I love the most is seeing how creative everyone is and new ideas for coming up with songs. It's nice to share with like minded folks as there aren't many in my local area. I do keep writing all the time and trying to learn outside of these challenges. I am hard on myself and just get frustrated with my perceived lack of progress sometimes.

J Collins thanks for weighing in. I would not have known about the room reverb if you hadn't told me. I'll try to find a solution for that. Thanks again.